Hero third traits


Can arcane traitstones for heroes be reduced? 18 is pretty high. Or can we use celestial traitstones for their 3rd trait?
Just being picky…


It isn’t heroes that are higher. Any legend with 1 mana color costs 18 arcane traitstones. Any legend with 2 mana colors cost 16 traitstones. Look at the trait cost for Mechanist and Necromancer. Both total 16, not 18.


See also the cost of all imp second traits.



I absolutely hate the way they do traits.

I don’t understand what level/how much time/money they expect you to invest in when you finally max out a troop… It’s like traits were made for the rich or for the people who have played this game for a year and are level 800… I don’t even see myself ever getting them because I am extraordinarily unlucky and they are doing super horrible pvp changes for lower level characters (140).

It’s not like I’m saying I should have all my troops maxed… But don’t you think after playing for months I should at least have some progress made to get even level two traits?? I just don’t understand why it’s so freaking hard to get them when you pretty much have to have them for ranked pvp now… And they destroyed casual pvp rewards… I’m really wishing I never played this game at this point. It’s turned into a bit of a rant, but this game is so frustrating because o love it but I don’t ever see myself having a super awesome team because the traits are so hard to get and I’m really sad because I was hoping that I’d be able to slowly get it with the rewards bundles you get with glory every week… But now glory is going to be awful to get for those that can’t rank because everyone will have maxed traits… I don’t know I’m just really sad about all this.


I don’t want to be argumentative, but here we go…

Everyone who plays the game is subjected to RNG. I got my first Keeper of Souls at level 800+ and have never played with him because there’s so many other troops.

As far as the PVP changes hurting lower level players, I will have to disagree. Being a high level player, I will have to play more games in order to rank. I will be a more attractive target. I am worth more glory, gold, and trophies. Also, If my defense team loses a lot (which it will, given how easy the game is) I will have to play more games than I do now in order to rank. Chances are you will be skipped more because you’re not worth the rewards; while I will be invaded constantly because the pay-off is better.

In addition, you are putting too much stake into traits. Yes, they are great when you get them; but not every trait is worth getting. I’m defeated on a daily basis by low-level players with no traits.

In closing, you will rank just fine. You may have to put in more time or you may find that those teams aren’t as tough as you thought. Also, the game really gets fun at lvl 200+. There is a lot to explore in the game, and every team can be defeated. Good luck to you.


You can earn traitstones from both challenges and treasure maps. Don’t rely on PVP for traitstones, since (as you pointed out) the power benefit from traits can be absolutely huge.

Finally, don’t underestimate the number of traitstones you can get through keys. Upgrading your kingdoms gets you a good chance of multi-tributes, which award gold keys and gems (the latter of which can be spent on gem keys).

Yes, it takes time. Not a year, though. I’ve only been playing for eight or nine months and I have a healthy supply of traits and traitstones.


I understand your frustration as a lower level player (I just made level 100 yesterday). My biggest beef is the crazy amount of arcanes needed by some troops/classes. 12 arcanes to get all traits for a troop is unreasonable IMHO.

That said, I just learned on the forum/Tacet’s videos that you can get a higher chance of traitstone drops when you increase game difficulty. Out of 15 games played at Warlock I setting, a traitstone dropped 14 times. I didn’t play enough to get an arcane to drop apparently, but I did get many needed major/minor stones.


On the bright side, unless you want the little boost from elemental’s third trait, very few single color arcane are needed.

With the PvP changes, the battles for 3 glory will be easier, and I am thinking gold will be more then before, making for better reward for going for harder fights.

new/casual players were complaining about PvP battles that were too hard. 2.0 will be addressing that, while offering better rewards for vets who want to take on the tougher battles. I wonder if power level will also effect the amount of gold, would prevent that 1 troop defense.


I doubt you’ll see 1 troop defense after the change since you will lose PVP points when your defense team loses.