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Class traitstones

There is an arcane pack in the store for purchase that has a traitstone for purchase (blue/purple for necromancer) but I do not know how many it’s third trait would require and I don’t wanna buy then if there will not be enough.
Any help with this would be great

It’s the same for that class as it is for any other Blue/Purple legendary.

Second trait is 10 Arcane Spirit Traitstones.
Third trait is 6 Arcane Spirit Traitstones.

You need 16 in total.

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I’ll take note of this, I was just wondering cause the Monocolored ones start at 12 so it threw me off

You need 18 for hero classes.

To be clear: You need 18 for the mono-colored hero classes, and 16 for the dual-colored ones. It’s the same way with legendary troops - the imps take 2 more stones than other legendaries, presumably because they take less runics for trait #1.

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