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Incorrect traitsones required when upgrading?

So it costs 16 Arcanes to trait a Rare troop now??


86 Arcanes and 8 Celestials for a Legendary now??

This might a killer for a lot of people.

Platform: IOS

It sums up the cost from left to right, so it’s actually just 8 Arcanes to buy all three traits. The math does seem to be a… little… off though. It’s somehow applying ascension steps several times, the cost for that first Divine Bond trait looks like the total cost for all traits, with the next traits adding to it.

Yeah, likes it’s somehow displaying in reverse? Or something else fubar.

But still, a Rare never took 4 Arcanes before, only 2.

Yep, the leftmost trait is indeed the normal cost to unlock all three traits. The middle and right traits correctly add how many more stones they would cost for those specific traits to the number of stones from the previous trait.

This might be related to the server issues. I’m pretty sure it didn’t look like this when I checked, and I can’t check now because I can’t even click on anything in game.

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Arcane/Celestial creep has been ongoing for a while now.


Fixed now

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The game back up? it was down for a long time. Or was this before the server work?

Sounds like it may have been an issue when we were having server problems.