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What's with the crazy Traitstone costs?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a reason for some relative minor troops to have these crazy Traitstones costs.

For instance, Penguin - a harmless common - requires 60 Runic Water and a whopping 30 (!) Arcane Stoic Traitstones.

Finesse - another common - demands 60 Runic Wind and 30 Arcane Summer.

Is there a reason to this? If yes, which is it?

This seems absolutely excessive compared to what these traits can do. +5 to all stats for the 3rd Penguin trait is cute, but no chance in hell i’m gonna pay that in the pounds, nay kilos, of sweat and grind that 30 Arcane represent.

Please help me understand this.

finesse etc are guild guardians
and the harmless penguin you mentioned is guild war troop reward

so both of them are actually special troops

just like doom

Thank you for clarifying their “special” status, which I was unaware of - but why make their trait so expensive?

I still think their trait cost is way to high compared to what these troops can do.
Or am I missing something else here ?..

Here is the Penguin troop I mention, to help other weigh in on this.

Penguin :

I mean, granted : Finesse’s 3rd trait (+4 to all Stryx stats when matching 4+ gems) could be interesting in some teams, and provide some results. But Penguin doesn’t even remotely compare to this. A flat +5 bonus to all stats for blue allies? Might sound cute in early stages, but the price seems crazy to me.

i dont think trait cost and trait functionality has any direct correlation in this game.

You can just skip traiting that troop for now and use the traitstones to upgrade the troops you like. When you already have traitstone surplus, you can go back and trait this troop

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Thank you, that is already pretty clear to me, and is what I have been doing for other troop.

And I agree too : I don’t think the trait cost and trait functionality / perceived “efficiency” are directly related. But I seems pretty obvious that the traitstones cost is already scaling with the Troop’s original rarity (Common Troops only rarely cost Arcane stones, and if so, only a handful, whereas Legendary originals often require over a dozen of them, and sometimes demand Arcane traitstones for the second trait, etc).

So my question still stands: why have some Common troops that are more expensive than all the Legendaries and Mythical troops I’ve come across yet?

Penguin is probably not worth. these troops were designed long ago, and maybe on their release day, their 3rd trait was worth not.
2nd generation Guardians are a bit different thing… Try fighting Shaman with Raveraver and 3x Ferocity… :wink:

Same goes for Dooms. Thing is - most common troops are crap, those that weren’t crap to begin with, were all having those insane traitstone cost. Other thing is. Mono-colored arcanes are useless almost same moment as you trait your classes…

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because they’re “special” kind of common troop

check auraio, troglodyte, i forgot the rest, there are six of them pvp reward troop

then there are also six doom troops

then there are 12 guardians

imps are also special (but they start as legendary troops), there are 5 imps, spring, summer, autumn, winter and love but imps dont costs as expensive as the other special troops

6 - spooky. Exactly 2 months each