"Aurai" need 30 arcane?

Hi all…

I’m a bit supprise about the new common troop “Aurai”
normally a common troop need only one arcane… but Aurai need 30 arcanes like guardians troop…

Is there something wrong???


Thats intended. Their third trait is unique and on power level of guardians.


i think guild troops trait costs are fine

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If we are being honest the guardians unique traits don’t even remotely share a common level of power and a trait like that of courage is leagues above the unique traits of the new guild war troops, but i assume you are spot on for the Devs reasoning for their trait costs.


If we are comparing stuff, courage is levels above any other guardian. We are safe to say that guild war reward troops have stronger unique trait then brown and purple guardians, and to an extent better then green and blue guardians.


+5 to all stats doesn’t feel that weak, especially since it stacks and is available right from the start of a match. I wonder how well Draakulis would fare with +15 to all stats…


Oh i didn’t say it is weak, it just isn’t on the same level as tripling 3 troops attack in a couple of cascades, that’s all.

Comparing a new troop to a card that’s under review for being oppressive and in need of balancing may not be the best idea. ^-^

My understanding from the previews is that these are very much build your own Mythics, just like the guardians. Including the unusually high stat scaling for ascension.


I also didn’t comment on the troops stats or its spell, simply on the unique trait it has, and while a static +5 to all skills is quite generous, in actual gameplay it will mostly be outperformed not just by the strongest Guardians unique traits but also some of the base legendary 4-match or colour-match unique traits.
Anyways this whole discussion would eventually lead into the skewed scaling difference between AoE damage troops where the static +5 bonus will be quite significant and the trait will actually feel strong, and basic single target or split damage troops where a +5 bonus will feel mostly meh, which is a discussion the Devs don’t seem to want to have yet.