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Traitstone Card Crafting

I was thinking we have all these traitstones so why not put them to good use and craft cards.

For example Lance Knight is pure water so how about 10 Minor water, and 5 Major Water to craft just one card.

Of course the numbers will need to be tweaked as to not be overpowered.

The tough thing is going to be the legendary cards, they will need arcane traitstones to craft.

I would also make it where you can’t craft Mythic or Special event cards. This way it’s a little more even on the playing field.

Please tell me your thoughts on this whether they be bad or good all thoughts are welcomed.

If they consider this, that’s a long shot, the costs will be a lot more. A common will be like 15 minor and 5 Majors for one lol

Still way too low. And this idea would break the game for those with as many resources as some have, making the gap between early game and late game even larger than it already is.

It would put newer players at even more of a disadvantage and make the gap to get to end-game even larger. Because at some point you will just hit all-mythic teams, and that is just going to be accelerated by this

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This has been brought up before. I could only see this happening if they bottleneck it with some cost other than just traitstones, gold, or souls. Most likely, they’d have to include gems as part of the cost (since already gems = troops past like your third week of the game when you have your armors), or possibly some new resource obtained slowly over time, so they can more tightly control how many troops are obtained this way. I do like the idea though, in general (farmable thing + premium/slow thing = specific troop or at least higher chance at specific troop).

I don’t see how this would be a problem, yes the late game players will have more troops because of the traitstones, yet I feel once you get so far in the game there is a real struggle to get some of the legendary and ultra-rare cards.

I’ve been playing for a bit and I keep getting repeats my last new card was today after nine days of not getting a new one.

The reason I brought this feature up is because some of us can’t afford to throw a couple hundred a year on this game.

With the crafting system, it would make the game a little more even for those of us who are broke.

Also I agree with adding Souls to the card crafting recipes, because how else do you get live?

I’m pretty sure that two years in and lvl 500, for me personally traitstones are still way more valuable than any common or rare cards especially. Interesting idea but I don’t think it’s viable tbh.

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unless the process of crafting alone cost some gems in addition i see no reason for it to be implemented as something undermining current economy, but even then i dont think the idea is worth the effort, not in the current game state, maybe after much more features is released this could change but maybe it wont be needed by then

what i imagine most of players would just craft 1-2 units and then ignore the feature… so all that programming effort for a free and underused feature? id prefer better troop rebalancing or a new minigame :smiley:

Traitstone roulette?

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well if you must ask - not really xD
i want something that is playable not just a unused_resource dump spot that id have to ‘turn’ over and over without thinking

tell me ill have to beat a monster to get a roulette roll and i might reconsider

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You have to beat a monster to get a roulette roll!

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What about a slot machine type mini game where you can bet traitstones for a chance to spin the wheel. You might end up with 10 souls, 1 arcane stone, 5 gems, or who knows what. I would think this would be an easy thing to program since it is RNG based, which the game already is.

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I like this idea, alot, but if the cost to spin is traitstones… please tell me it will work on Minor and Majors ONLY!

Minor or Major would be your denomination (think pennies or nickels)
And then you would bet per line.

So a 9-line slot machine game, betting 2 Minors per line would give cost you 18 Minor stones and paying 2x standard rewards (due to the 2 minors per line bet)

That same machine betting 2 Majors per line, would cost 18 Major stones, but would pay 4x standard rewards. (Double rewards for Major and then double again for the 2 stones per line bet)

I think my wife has taken me to the Casino too much… :confused:

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One armed bandit been suggested a few times. I think some kind of fruit machine might be good fun, certainly much better than the arena which is turgid beyond belief.

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i still think every part of gems of war should be interacive / requiring you to work for the reward. just pressing a ‘spin’ button doesnt make it. :confused:
we have so far a couple of game modes where you have to kill monsters and one game mode where you still have to match gems a lot.

i insist at least on the gem matching part, no autoplay! spinning machine is exactly like autoplay or auto-collecion of treasure hunt, its no fun where u need to not think ever at all (when you exclude thinking all that is left is grind)