Traits, talents and their usefulness and how your game works

I’ve wanted to write this for a while since the devs do not have too much clue about how their game works.
As I pointed out in my other topic More strategy, less looping , this game is built for looping.
Looping is done by matching 4 or more gems. Anybody who has a little experience can rank the traits.

Ranking (top is the most useful):

  • does something on 4-5 matches: this is the best, an active trait which can make you significantly stronger due to looping
  • empowered: don’t have to introduce this
  • summon: we all knows thief can be a real PITA
  • 50% mana start for troops: it is nice to start, helps to start looping, the benefit can diminish quickly in higher level fights
  • does something on cast: the benefit is usually smell but ranked this in the middle cause it is an active trait
  • does something on turn: almost useless, since the goal is board control and looping
  • static stats boost: it is okay as a 1st or 2nd trait but as a third trait it is ridiculous
  • does something when an enemy dies: these usually have a chance or give you a small stat boost but only 3 times per battle, compared to a trait which works on 4-5 matches this is ridiculous
  • banding: useless junk troops needs to be used together
  • does something when an ally dies: we literally work hard to prevent this!
  • does something on death: even worse than the previous!

This is my subjective ranking it can vary here and there but I am sure in general it stands true.

So in the light of this, why a newly released troop is totally useless. Like Astral Mother it could have turned to be awesome but it is almost useless.

I will leave this topic to traits and talents an elaborate my disappointment in other topic.