Idea for new troop/class trait

Trait would be “sticky” so that troops would remain fixed in their initial position. Would be great for defense against Rope Dart, minotaur and tauros troops!


An idea which has been proposed several times in the past, but that’s it… :frowning:


Well maybe if we keep asking :slight_smile:

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Now imagine a summoner with Sticky and Stealthy…

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Ha ha Yes, please!

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Have you ever played against an Orbweaver/ Spider Spammer team??

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Yeah quite a few times. I usually just avoid them now. Same with Todd G or Calcedony loopers - most boring way in the world to lose a battle. Some of the combinations are easy enough to beat unless the RNG totally goes against you. I usually just don’t risk it and play a different team that round. I usually do the bare minimum in PVP each week (get all rewards) unless I’m testing GW teams.

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i sugested the same thing but i called it anchored.


And some aren’t.

Personally I use something like Wargoat in GW to rearrange the enemy team to make it easier to deal with. This power/ ability would stop me doing that, hence why I would prefer not to have it in the game.


Last GW I was had someone who built a smart anti-Brown team for Brown Day, and about the only way I won that battle was to shuffle their Hero into last position (from 3rd) then Dragon’s Eye it.

As a general design rule, one should be “buff not nerf” i.e. work on changes that expand strategies, not reduce them. Shuffling (along with Transform) is a niche strategy already that doesn’t really need something else to come in and block it.

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Well I guess it’s all in how you see it - I see it as expanding by giving me a capabilty I don’t have today to combat different types of teams that give me trouble. Two sides of the same coin.

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/tc [6192,6294,1489,6474,3025,1,1,2,2,1,1,0,14018]

Used this team today to beat Seekra. You just have to freeze her early, like the goblins.
Borealis, Werewolf, Diamond Ring of Fire and Ice, Skadi

Yeah, there’s no difference between “your team is protected against shuffling” vs. “enemy team is protected against shuffling”, the mechanic has to apply to both sides equally.

Agree, anyone could use troop or class on their defense team

Anyone who has enough Keys etc to get lucky pulling it from a chest?

Anyone who has sufficient resources to Craft it in the Soulforge?

Anyone who wants to pay money for it…?

Yeah, just the same as any class or troop that comes into the game now…

Creating a new meta that’s unbeatable by anyone who doesn’t have the capacity to overcome it.

Still, I’m sure this isn’t a problem for you…

It seems you’re determined to make this into something more than it is. New things become meta in this game all the time, or not. Change comes often and we all have to adjust. If it isn’t a problem for me it is because I have spent many, many hours playing the game.

This is the forum where we are supposed to suggest new features. The devs will come up with their own whether we suggest any or not. I’ve suggested something that I think would make the game more fun. Have you? I would love to hear any ideas you might have.

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How “thorough” would this hypothetical Sticky trait be? For example, could I get around a Sticky unit in the tank position by using Rope Dart on one of the trailers, or would Sticky override things and therefore put the Rope Dart’d unit only to the 2nd position?

Interesring question! I wasn’t thinking about the tank at the time, I was thinking about protecting my troop in 3rd spot so it didn’t get moved to first and killed with skulls. I was thinking rope dart would shuffle everyone like normal except for one slot. So theoretically, yeah if the tank had “sticky” then slots 2-4 would shift. Of course the devs would have to figure out if it is possible with existing code and then beta test it and then implement it in a way that would work best. Maybe it ends up being a power gem or something. Or not :slight_smile: