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More strategy, less looping

This will be a very unpopular idea!

I think extra turn as a concept should be removed from the game.


After more than two years in the game as I see most fights are about how you can loop. The goal of any strategy and team building is to find a way to loop and not about finding ways to beat the enemy. The enemy doesn’t matter just how you can start to loop.
With removing I mean, remove it from troops, both ability or traits, from weapons, and remove the extra turn on 4 or 5 matches. The only game mode where extra turn should remain is treasure hunt.

Goblins would need a new ability instead of extra turn, weapon nerfs have been requested already.

With this modification I think new and more versatile strategies would emerge, instead of the ultimate “I loop them to death” strategy.


Off topic, but can I also suggest that a ‘dislike’ button be added to the forums? :thinking: :laughing:


Wild prediction: the next campaign’s special gem will be an ice gem that freezes a random troop.

Meh, without looping new meta teams will basicaly consist of:

  • instakillers
  • devouers
  • death markers

Everything else will be ball and chain.

but i’ve suggested some time ago, new mythic to put into Glacial Peaks, that would have: curse and freeze random enemy on match4/5

That probably was to strong… but maybe “curse+freeze random enemy when enemy casts a spell” would be ok ? :smiley:

I can only imagine GoW players would quickly build a meta team arround it and it would be quite popular defense team…

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September Mythic “Ullor” (reverse Vernalis) Freeze and Faerie Fire.

I’d like to see more “anti” troops in general, troops designed to be brutally effective against a particular type of team. But designing such is a lot easier said than done – Fallen Valdis is a good example of that idea done poorly.

But if you could find a way to design some troops that could really slaughter a particular paradigm but not be very good against most everything else? That might be something to work on, although it might change just “strategy” to “rock, paper, scissors”.


I’d prefer something like that rather than just a blanket “extra turn is bad, we’ll remove it”. So many troops rely on that mechanic, even if they don’t explicitly mention it. Trolls, converters, exploders, storms… with no extra turn, it’s a whole different game.

I’d rather see something “anti extra turn”. Eg. “freeze random enemy when enemy team gets a four match”, “gain 1 mana when enemy team gets an extra turn” or something less powerful. Surely they can think of something that could work.


Right now the strategy is rock rock rock a.k.a. looping.
Probably more than 3 strategies would emerge so it would be a bit more complex than rock paper scissor.
Many troops, traits, and teams would become relevant again.

No troops rely on extra turn, players and strategies rely on extra turn.
A troll could generate mana and what you matched is yours but the rest is free to take.
The enemy would may steal the mana but wouldn’t get an extra turn either.
The game would be more chess like than watching your team is ground to dust or players just mindlessly looping beetrix or something similar.

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I think extra turn as a concept should be removed from the game.

I’m okay with extra turns as a mechanic. I’m not okay with infinite extra turns. Turning the game into passive TV consumption is the opposite of what I’m looking for. I’d be heavily in favour of capping extra turns at 2-3 per actual turn.

Make it capped at 5:

  • one from matching 4 or 5 gems
  • one for each troop/weapon that has ‘extra turn’ on it

Ah, good point. I wasn’t even thinking of gem matches as ‘extra turns’. In that case, yes, 5 sounds more reasonable.

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I every 4 match would count individually then 5 could be okay, just like with skull spam. Skulls are grouped to give the most possible matches.
If turning the board into 1 color counts as one extra turn then beetrix still could loop you to death.

With bad luck, Thief (or any Shadow class) can 1-shot whole enemy team with single cast of Skeleton Key…

At least the maximum number of consecutive turns should be hard capped to three. Right now we have a turn-based game in which is relatively easy to have five or more turns in a row…

I don’t even fight looping teams anymore in PvP because what’s the point…

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Have you met goblins who are high on these new potion gems?!
Stupid goblin team in pet rescue looped me to death thanks to potion gems.

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