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Trade troops with other people?

it would be nice to trade troops with other people cause if there a mythic or legendary troop you either don’t have or don’t need you could have the option of getting it by trading another person a troop they may not have or need to ascend one of their’s to the next level that way both people are happy and neither one has to spend countless gems or money to keep rolling the dice with chests with no guarantee of getting the troop they want

Unfortunately the devs made it clear trading is never gonna be added to the game

that a pity cause i really want pharos ra i need it for my soul team

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As mentioned earlier, we don’t have any current plans to bring troop trading to Gems of War. However, we introduced the Soulforge to make it easier to target specific mythics, and when Khetar is the event kingdom for the week Pharos-Ra can be pulled from Event Keys.

Fortunately that is so, otherwise it would be to easy to get all troops.
With a good (not even top) guild it is no problem to get all troops. You need just time and the right tactic.

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while that is true in the soul forge mythic’s require 4000 diamonds if my math is correct 6 days a week the rewards are 5 5 and 10 for the dungeon fight $5 nets you 50 and the gem bounty give 20 while in Sunday it’s 10 10 20 for the fights 150 for the $5 and 80 for the gem bounty which ads up to 810 a week and since it changes each week and while yes it has to come as a big cost since we can’t just give mythic troops away for nothing that also taking into account the $5 bundle and the gem bounty and since not everyone has that kind of money to burn it can take months to earn enough gems while yes event keys can yield mythic troops depending on the kingdom the more troops it has the less likely you are to draw the mythic troop si if trading isn’t an option could it be possible to rework the event chest so that every key you have drawn would increse that chances of drawning a troop you do not have cause it get pretty dissapointing after buying 10/20 event keys and getting 7-8 of the same troop

Ik played 2.5 years finally got all troops u could get it in a day not sure if thats fair

IF… the devs would ever consider something like this, they would need to put a high cost in gems for both players trading cards in order to avoid exploits. And even then, things would be risky for their business model.

If you do your dungeons every day, it takes 6-9 weeks to get enough diamonds to forge a mythic. It’s not supposed to be instantaneous. Keep playing and it will show up for you, just like it did for all the rest of us.


You also get diamonds from guild tasks and you can convert your shards to diamonds. Can’t remember if the Raid/Invasion rewards give diamonds also, although they may require a “fairly high” reward tier.

Yes, you can get Diamonds much faster.
954 from the Dungeon an 180 by Guild Tasks each Week.
So less than 4 weeks for a new mythic!

Credit where credit is due. ZERO likes for the OP’s recycled trading feature “idea”. 2 years ago this would have would have been different.

The SoulForge has been a welcome addition, and great success! Nicely done Developers.

Eh, I’d still really like trading, but at this point I know it’s never going to be implemented. So I’m spending my energy on more important issues like “every GW has a bug” or “many troops haven’t behaved as their text states for more than a year”.

As nice as an idea it is, it would be exploited unfortunately. I have spare mythics that I would trade for a soul gnome just to complete my set :joy:


Having a trade system would break the game.

I’ve been playing for a good 2 and a half years and I still have’t pulled a pharos.

All about that RNG buddy.


I was going to just say, “No no no never not ever this is a terrible idea” because of how easily exploited it would be, and all of the P2W complaints that would follow…

…until I saw your post. This could work.

Tax BOTH players for the trade per troop involved.
Common - 5 gems
Uncommon - 25 gems
Rare - 250 gems
Epic - 1000 gems
Legendary - 2500 gems
Mythic - 10000 gems

VERY old idea, and they didn’t implement a tax system 3+ years ago when it was proposed here on the forums first time, nor any time after.

Besides a REAL tax system would be to create an “Orb of Transference” that is only available in the shop for $99+. Considering $49 Growth/Path Pack gets you a random Mytic.

Plus those numbers are way too low, Some people have an excess of Gems, and 10k Gems is only 4 VIP50 Chest pulls definably not a guaranteed Mythic with that number, let alone a specific one of your choice.