Trade x number of troop duplicates for 1 random troop of a higher rarity level

We all get a lot of duplicates of our troops. Once they’re ascended to mythic, there’s nothing to do with them beyond getting a few paltry souls.
It’d be great if there was a trade system wherein we could, for instance, trade 10 legendary troops for 1 random mythic troop. Or trade 10 epics for 1 random legendary.
The randomness would help to keep it fair and not allow for farming a specific troop. Maybe even increase it to more than 10 trades for 1 higher troop.


It’s never going to happen. Not without the trade rate being something obscene like “10,000 to 1”. Because the developers want you working for (or buying) the Glory Keys, the Gem Keys, the VIP keys. Or spending money on the packages in the Shop that are like “$50 for a Legendary and stuff!”


Plus there’s already a mechanism for cashing in excess troops: disenchant them for souls.

Unfortunate that the game progression is such that the more likely you are to have excess troops, the less likely you are to need any more souls.


Yep, I mentioned that in my 2nd sentence.

Oops, yes, so you did! sorry.

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