Towers and Bosses in new events

One thing impossible to not notice is that we have Bosses in the event of Raid Boss (which by the way already needs a reworked with a new Boss, Zull-Goth is already tired of fighting) and in the Dungeons, however, we only see Torres in the event of Invasion .

This causes us to accumulate dozens of troops that become useless with time. Every Invasion week we are forced to buy the troop of the event to have some advantage with the class, but once that event ends, that troop is just worthy of being forgotten.

What do we gain by that? NOTHING. On the contrary, we spend gems to acquire the troops and we spend resources to apply level and traits. For the next week to forget before so many better ones.

The troops with extended damage against Boss are useful in the event (where we have to use only troops of the defined kingdom), but in Dungeons, although there are Bosses also, the freedom to choose any troop makes us forget that those with extended damage against Bosses exist.

That being said, it would be interesting if we had other events in which Bosses and Towers appeared and we could choose troops freely. This allowed us to use these troops that are currently for single use before being forever forgotten in the collection.

Maybe Bosses and Towers could invade fights in Arena, PvP and / or Explore as Battlecrashers. Or even better if there was a daily minigame like the Dungeons, where only these troops could be used (without restriction of classes or kingdoms).

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Umm, yes. Been saying that since they released the modes … I only buy one copy and the weapon of the week. Got better things to do.

I fully agree. And in that time there are already many troops to be abandoned in the game if we add all the Raid and Invasion events. It would be useful to find some purpose for them. I vote for more simple events, minigames like the Arena, that do not depend on a particular week, but that we can use certain types of troops and fight whenever we feel like it.

You wouldn’t know ahead if your battle will contain such a Battlecrasher though. Lugging a Godslayer/Siege Breaker along into every battle just on the off chance it might actually be useful feels quite… not fun.

Actually having a Boss or Tower like Battlecrasher acting in almost every fight would force us to consider using a Siegebreaker or Godslayer on the team. Still some players would not bring him in, facing Battlecrasher with his own deck. Anyway, it was just an example.

The question of fun is always relative. From the 24th (day of my birthday) to the 30th, we will have Ragnagord as Battlecrasher. Imagine a week with a troop that explodes many gems on the board? He himself is not a threat, but will help many troops with his skill. I’m going to have fun, but I’m sure many players will not consider Christmas Week so much fun at PvP and Arena.