To pair Raid Boss/Invasion weeks with weekly events

I think it would be good to pair Raid Boss/Invasion weeks with PVP or PVP+EXPLORE weekly events, and leave the EXPLORE(only) and TREASURE HUNT weekly events for Guild War weeks.
So it would be easier for everyone to get their weekly gold/seals/trophy qvota. This would be a great help for the low and mid level players.
For example last week INVASION+EXPLORE(only) as a level 382, i could make 200K less gold than usually.
I like the new future of Raid Boss/Invasion, even if with my current level after a certain Boss/Tower level it is time-consuming and makes me struggle.
I think with this pairings you could take off some pressure from the low and mid level playres, so they could develop/to do guild tasks meanwhile they try participate in RB/I/GW.