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Raids and Invasions

So currently we have Raids focusing on Kingdoms and Invasions focusing on troop types. Both ideas are inherently good.

The issue is, that some troops will focus on things like devour, or poison, or status effects. All of these are used a lot in normal game play. That is what some troops are entirely focused on and thats it. Without those that troop is useless.

Now the issue comes down to the Boss in Raids is immune to all of this. If you have a kingdom that has a few troops that focus on these, they are useless in that team, and therefore wont be used, limiting your troop pool even more. Invasions is even worse. None of the troops in that team can be hit with any of it. EG this week, Wulfgarok is the current Mythic for Wargare, and you cant use him, because his entire purpose is to attack, and then devour. But since they cant be devoured, you cant use the strongest member of that troop type.

What I suggest, is removing the block everything on every single 1 of them, and have 1s that have different weakness’s that way the full range of troops can be used in each of the different events, rather than further limiting the limited pool we already have.


I got a better idea!!!

Remove raid/invasion and come back with GW every week, Bounty and gnome event every 2 week :slight_smile:


Ideally, GW every 2 weeks, so a week break, and Raid and Invasion cycle there.

So a month would look like:



I can’t disagree with something I posted 2 months ago, so +1 for this. And hope some tweak is made.


I don’t know if I necessarily agree with your premise. The events are designed to limit the choice and effectiveness of troops, forcing us to not rely on easy gimmicks for wins. Sometimes that limitation results in frustrations and sometimes it leads to creativity.

Taking your Wulfgarok example, you have defined his usefulness as zero if he can’t devour. I’d argue that he still has the ability to boost all Wargare troops’ stats by 5 at the start of a battle, is impervious and is one of only 2 Wargare/beast troops (making him ideal to pair with Fenrir). You could have a very viable strategy of using Wulfy as your lead troop, backed up by, say hero, Spirit Dancer and Fenrir. If Wulfy dies, he has still boosted everyone else’s attack and magic, and can be replaced with a Spirit Fox, who Fenrir can continue to give triple-boosts to attack and life.

I’ve also seen some good discussions of how Ranger and Wolf Knight are useful this week. I can’t recall the last time I used Ranger, but he is a key cog in my team this week. Every week seems to have a troop or two that are surprisingly useful. An example from last week is Bugbear, who made an amazing one-two punch with Fleshstripper in dealing with Zuul.


I agree that the complete invulnerability to any statuses/effects is aweful, not just because it makes some troops like Wulfgarok significantly weaker, but more so because it basically eliminates any kind of creative teambuilding or strategies with what already is a very limited set of options to begin with. That and the horrendous balancing between trooptypes (Divines was a breeze, this weeks’ Wargares is a real chore) aswell as kingdoms makes these events much more painful than they needed to be.

Whatever at this point i don’t really expect the Devs to budge much in that regard, and balancing troops is out the window entirely so i guess we are stuck with this now.


The odds that a particular kingdom would even have a troop that can cause the 1 random effect that works are slim.

The Boss/Tower killer should have a super Stun added to his spell, so he can shut down their invulnerability. Or his spell just remove the Invulnerable trait (unlimited Stun).


Oh that’s Mistscale Raid will be awfull…

Edit: Lmao Mist of Scale is on bounty week nvm

Damn that’s way too strong

Edit: If I think about it, because it is on the spell, it doesn’t change much after all for towers

Yeah maybe for the Boss it’s too strong. But for the towers it looks okay :slight_smile: .

Maybe add to the Boss’s spell something that remove the Stun… but it sounds “hey I have a counter to your counter which counters my trait”.

Just get rid of invasion and raid altogether. These events are mind numbingly boring.


I may be way off base here but as a Midcard player one of my frustrations is that with every week comes new cards and with every new kingdom comes more new cards which is good but adds to the base drop. As a new player or mid player would it be possible to create a new event to fill one of those gw slots? My suggestion towards my frustration is id like more base card drops to ascend these guys and compete and experiment with what’s already there. So as an idea for an event, something that’s like a mania for these base card drops? I know I can forge them but it doesn’t seem worth it (especially waiting for that one card I want to be there and then spending to maybe get it?). Most of the vets have these and wouldn’t care, however, for new players or mid players a better chance to catch up? Vets can break them down for souls etc to make it worth their time. Thoughts?