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What's a tower troop?

My task say ’ win battles using 3 unique tower troops in my army. What is Tower troops’?

Troops that won’t exist until portals open in a few days. It’s content that “released” but no one is allowed to use yet. Sounds like you caught the bad end of “3.3 wasn’t ready but the release date was sacred”.


Yeah that’s what i figured thanks


If you restart the game, you should be given an alternate task.

Also, Tower troops are the new troop type for the upcoming Invasion event.

Hi @GoldPhoenix0 any plan to post a more detailed thread about raid boss before the event start please?

In chess, that would be the rook. :wink:

We really wanted to ricky and planned on doing so, but we just ran out of time.

I saved him the time of writing his own excuse.

maybe they are waiting after the weekly event post before telling us more

crossing fingers :crossed_fingers:

I submitted a ticket and was told this last week. It never resolved even after I followed up on the issue.

If you want a preview of what these are, they can be found here:



I just restarted the game, and still have the task. I’ve had it since Thursday. Thanks for continuing to look into it.

Fixed that for ya

that’s about right - tasks that wont reset that u cant complete.

disappearing gnomes that when reappear drop nothing - fancy animations that give nothing, misleading events and a spate of mystery troop deaths in pvp followed up with goblin cycling extremis.

Cant wait to see the prices of the new orb bundles because the producers sure don’t want the existing players.