Tower Invasion ending prematurely in 17 hours NOT 6 days?


BUG: We seem to be having a repeat of the weekly Event being scheduled to unintentionally restart itself at reset time rather than continue for the next 6 days.

Platform, device version and operating system
Apple Mini 3, iOS 11.3.1, and XBox One and PS4

Screenshot or image
Posting will crash if I attempt to attach the screenshot. But right now the Battle screen says Event ends in 17 hours and 0 minutes.


An additional issue:

I purchased up to Tier III in the Invade Shop in order to obtain Statue of St. Veritas and the weapon Divine Protector. It also provided me with 9 sigils.

Usually, those 8 to 9 sigils and the ones I capture during the Tower fights are sufficient to bring me to the final Stage 8 Citadel. However, this week I was surprised that, after reaching the end of Stage 5 Inner Castle (25 battles), I was down to 0 sigils.

This has not happened before. I did not lose any fights reaching Stage 5. Invade is not automatically awarding a sufficient amount of sigils to permit progress to the endgame level, on the first time there.

Has anyone else seen this change to Tower Invasion?


Probably just a display bug, we had it the other day on xbox,

Just checked and it say 6d 11h here


It shows the correct 6d 11h on the main screen, but once you’re in the invasion menu it shows 11h 0 minutes. You’re right though, I’m sure it’s probably a display issue once again.


I’d take a bugged reset, more loot!


If it’s anything like last time, premature restart of the Event won’t give you a fresh set of rewards to grab again. Instead we’ll just have to re-grind the same levels again AND the already-fulfilled rewards will be locked out (greyed out) as previously claimed.

You don’t want THAT to happen again, do you. No thank you, no way Josée, nuh-uh.

Anyway… regarding my above complaint about lack of Sigils to reach the Citadel Level 8, it appears that this may have been an issue for players like me who launched a game session soon after weekly reset. I notice that when Danny Dabberino played later in the day, he reached the level I normally reach on Tier III Sigils which is Boss Level 80 to 85. In my current game, despite never losing once today, I was only able to reach end of Stage 5 (Boss Level 60).

In other words, the ravens weren’t gifting me sufficient Sigils to continue the progression after beating a level.

Is this going to be fixed by awarding me more Sigils?