Invasion event sigils

How are people being able to get up to 2k or more towers? I’m baffled

Lots and lots of gems spent. Remember that Tier 7 can be bought as many times as you want or can afford.

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That’s roughly 480 matches. If you reckon it only takes about a minute per match (Goblins Invasion goes real quick) that’s only 8 hours of playtime, and it’s been 4 days of the week so far so it’s only 2 hours of grinding/day.

Even if we bump it up to 2 minutes, 4 hours/day is nothing on the scale of “How much will people grind?” I have played with plenty of people who put in 10+ hours, and in my college days one of them was me.

Valravens make that a little cheaper than it sounds, but surprise! There are people who don’t mind dropping cash to make a leaderboard and as long as you have the time, you can buy as many sigils as you like.

(Actually too: it’s realistic to save up all your gems by not investing much in events and waiting until you have a nice sum to go for the leaderboard. It’s not my playstyle but it’s also free and doesn’t really take an intolerable amount of time.)


Didn’t know you can buy tier 7 over and over. Wow. Cheers mate

I hear you man. I came off Destiny 2 for a break 4 or 5 months ago and I’ve only gone back once which was last weekend. Time spent playing on GOW 47 days. It’s addictive