Total eclipse of the game


:musical_note: Once upon a time there was light in the world, but now a glitch has made it go dark:

Nothing I can do, I guess I’ll just have to restart. :musical_note:


I also have this problem and I think it’s time network congestion


I’ll have the team take a look when everyone’s back in the office (it’s the weekend here), see if we can work out what happened.

If nothing else, this is now my favorite support request :smile:


Community challenge accepted.
All I need is a bug to report, and then you’ll see who can do the most creative bug report!!!


Oh dear, what have I started?

Before this my favorite support request was 1 word: Pikachu


And I would just like to complete this story… Nimhain’s response was:

“Nimhain uses close ticket. It’s super-effective.”


Hi dhjl,

A couple of questions relating to this bug:

  1. What platform did it occur on? (Software you’re using would also be useful)
  2. Did you have any connection issues before hand?
  3. Has anything similar occur since this first happened?

  1. Steam / Windows 8.1 (Not sure what you mean by software)
  2. None that I can recall.
  3. No.


Oops, meant operating system instead of software.

I’ll pass the information along, nothing yet on what might have happened.