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Has anyone else noticed when Tribute comes in it messes with PVP

For the longest time I have been trying to figure out what causes the swirling gems animation to just get stuck in a loop in PVP (most of the time when starting a new game) - and then you have to close Gems and restart (PC specific not sure if this is true for Mobile)

I’ve been tracking this (Okay so I can’t stop being QA) and seeing if I see a pattern

Well today - marks the 30th time (out of 40 btw) that it turns out that A Tribute was waiting for me when I relaunched.

Anyway, not sure if my hypothosis is correct so I don’t want to completely file a report but it was something I wanted to toss out to Support/Help Desk to see if anyone else has noticed this connection.

im playing the pc every day and no idea what you are talking about, maybe the bug is not common

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the tribute coming in lock up the game. I have had where I have needed to wait up to a minute for the tributes to come in before I could resume play.

Have you let it sit for a couple minutes when it happens to see if GoW is taking a long time talking with the server to pull down the tribute? Verses the full lockup that never returns?

Is it during play, without moving focus out of the Steam window? I’ve had a couple steam issues where I go do something else for a while and I figure the network connection times out or something.

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