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Any support agents here?

Currently having a problem with a account need support!! :frowning:

Any devs around?

Whats the problem?

@Strawnyy, as I explained to you, it is late at night in Australia. Therefore, no devs are currently on. I don’t even know why I am on.

Our team will be back in office tomorrow. You will not be able to contact support, or a developer, tonight. Your issue in question was replied to today, and as there was not enough information to move forward, had to wait on further clarification, making the process take a little longer. Please be patient until office hours are in affect aqain.

Now, as it is past 11 PM, I am going to bed.


Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the wisps bite.


Ive been patient… and shoot wake them up and get one on the computer, this is urgent!

This is a free to play game. Nothing in this game should be urgent enough to make someone work through the night to fix an issue.


I suspect your ticket has a new priority in the morning.


The dolphin bin looks good for stroppy customers :joy:

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Hi everyone,

I’ve followed this up for you @Strawnyy.



Thank you @Lila36 so much.

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