Need Zendesk Help

I contacted zendesk 6 or 7 days ago and haven’t gotten a response . Any help from the Devs would be helpful .

You may have to lower your expectations, response times that exceed a month aren’t that unusual.

@NightCrawler do you know your ticket number?
If not, did you submit your ticket under the name NightCrawler?

I will chase this up.


I got things taken care of thanks . Sorry it took me awhile to answer .

Since the topic was already brought up again by the original poster…

@Kafka Feel free to also check my support ticket that has been open since
March 25, 2021
Since over a year I also didn’t receive any answers/help anymore.
After a few months I eventually stopped posting weekly/monthly refresh messages because clearly noone was looking at my ticket which is not a “money problem”. The status is still open to this day and the problem for me still exists.

Omgosh, I will check this out IMMEDIATELY. I’m so sorry.
I’ve already gotten it open and will check how it fell through the cracks as well.

Please excuse the typos in my reply ticket, I tried to answer so fast my fingers seem to have gotten ahead of my brain!


Thanks for the reply and taking over the ticket.

Since nearly 25 days ago (missing 3h to be “correct”) and one single response from @Kafka I’m completely abandoned again. @OminousGMan @Jeto can I please finally get someone to take over this ticket properly and help me?

It has been abandoned without response once for over a year… and seemingly it gets no answers again now… This is just awful. Shall I just give up and learn to live with the bug? Does anyone even read my responses in the ticket?

In the rare case someone answers me again or takes over the ticket, I’m available “daily”. So if you respond, then look the ticket up the next day and you’ll have my answer to your questions. I’m actually willing to resolve this bug and get a solution to improve my playing experience. It sadly feels like I’m the only one. Since I have no other ways of actually reaching someone to maybe… maybe… respond, this is again my way to go. :confused:

and if you could describe your problem - maybe some of the players could help more quickly with an answer…

The amount of tickets gettin solved equals the amount of cursed gnomes showin up for you every day.
Since there are probably dozens if not hundrets of new tickets every day, your ticket will get lost in that infinte haystack.
I guess there are more unsolved tickets then even players.

p.s.: I have 2 unsolved tickets by my own

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I could reveal my bug/ticket here, but since I spoke to some players in private discord chats and also revealed the problem on (gow) discords with some “technical knowledge” without any help I doubt that here of all places, or by you, all of sudden the magic happens publicly.
Also, what if the bug would feature some sensitive data I could not even reveal?

What I can reveal:
My ticket, over a month after creation, got assigned to someone and I got a first (useless!) response copy and pasted as an answer. copy and pasted because most parts of the copy and paste questions had already been answered by me. So, the initial comment I wrote that exactly explained my problem just wasn’t read or understood or the person was ignoring it.
What was suggested in the copy paste lead to a few questions I asked about in my next comment that got another response by that person but without answering any of my questions.

Since then I posted regularly every few weeks/months that “my problem still exists” without any reaction by anyone. The moment I first posted into this thread was when @Kafka immediately reacted here and also took over the ticket, maybe just for a one-off comment, I don’t know how things are done in the helpdesk of gow. Between the first person that abandoned me and Kafka was more than a year lost. Now again close to another month lost.

Just as information:
It got acknowledged with 500gems ingame after Kafka took over the ticket (thanks for that, but I’d rather have my problem solved :confused: ) that “it looks like my ticket fell through the cracks when it was escalated for further help.”
I really thought after being abandoned for so long that “now” there would be any progress, or at least some form of help or the “further help”.

May I ask how long those tickets exist?
And further if you got or currently get any (regular) responses on your tickets?

For me it is not a competition, and I have to admit I don’t really care about other tickets by other players that may or not be in place. I’m aware of the fact that there’s probably many tickets out there that have solved itself already or are just sad to work through with language barriers or people unable to articulate themselves or provide proper data or just “idiotic tickets” with dumb questions or “demands” or several other problems.

Overall just sad.

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First ticket was 5 month ago which turned immediately into solved what’s not the case. Neither I got any reply to it.
The 2nd one is just 9 days old and I got an automatic response which led me to the help section where I came from. So absolutely helpful… not.
Funny thing is at the end of that email I got asked if this article was helpful and if I press “NO” it leads me back to the article.
Total waste of time

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I’m doing a deep dive into our ticketing tool over the next couple of days - with the priority being to get as many tickets as answered as possible. Hopefully this gives us a clean slate.

Then next week I’ll be reviewing some workflow, reporting and other things.

We’ve also been working on improving our processes regarding escalated tickets (things that can’t be handled by a support agent) as in the past these have often had long wait times.

I’m sorry for the unacceptable wait times you’ve experienced.

@CaptainAwesome can you also please tell me your ticket number? It sounds as though you’ve written multiple requests so they were merged together, in which case the message you received should say that it was closed and merged and into which open request. I will check the wording to see if we can make it clearer if this is the case.

The list of articles you get sent is an autoreply so that you might be able to get some self-help to solve your issue before a support agent can reply. For a lot of people they can find their answer in the Help Center articles and it’s much faster than waiting for someone to reply, but it’s not true for everyone and sounds like in your case you need a human, so unless you marked an article as “helpful” then a support agent will reply to you when they see your ticket.


#117147 is the one I’d like to have an answer to, but there is no need to rush coz it’s just a minor visual case about our guild name.
The other one can #112551 can be ignored due to the fact that it has been paused for the moment.

What comes in my mind is another thing.

Why dont you abandon those “helpful” zendesk webside and lead all tickets to this forum in a specific folder where the community can deal with some of the issues players have and you dont have time for (some of those tickets might be to privat which can be switched on/off directly in advance). Give some active community members the opportunity to close those tickets once it’s solved.

If a ticket isnt answered or solved after a couple of days it automatically leaves a comment which leads directly to you and/or the other admins. Something like that :wink:

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Probably not a good idea. Tickets often contain information that should not be seen by other players, those opening tickets usually don’t know which parts should better be kept confidential.


Thats why I’d recommend something like a hook somewhere to be made which will give the whole community access to the ticket.

Sorry for long post: I can talk about support for hours :grimacing:

We have a few things pointed towards in the support requests/tickets:

To submit a ticket you need to go to the Help Centre - so the hope is you’ll see a helpful article or look through the articles before writing to support.

On the ticket forms itself when you’re filling out your information, it points to the known issues articles in the help centre for bugs and to the forum to ask questions from the community for fast help.

Then if the ticket is submitted anyway, there is an automatic reply with the suggested help articles which should be more specific to the issue the player is having (the Answer Bot looks for key words in the ticket form and then tries to direct the player to articles other people found helpful when using the same key words in their tickets). This Answer bot reply also contains a link to the community forum and general help center.

Where possible we will include information and troubleshooting steps in the Help Center articles for common issues or questions - when a support agent replies to a ticket, where possible we will link back to those articles with those troubleshooting steps and relevant information to help inform/teach players where they can find solutions themselves for future issues.

We hope in the long term this helps reduce some of the ticket numbers as more players learn where they can find fast self help or help from the community.

Ultimately, there are still players who can’t be helped by articles or the community - most of these cases are more specific technical issues, missing rewards and purchase issues. Some of these tickets are more specific feature questions which aren’t covered by the help center or ban appeals.

In these cases we prioritise based on how game breaking the issue is. Purchase issues get top priority as they’re usually fast to solve and we do not want to mess with people’s hard earned money, some of the stores also have 48 hour support windows so if we don’t respond quickly to get them to the store support they may miss out on the option of a refund if that’s what they are requesting.

Usually the priority is purchase and account issues → technical issues → missing rewards → game/other requests questions → ban appeals - this is a guideline only, there are reasons these may shift at different times depending on what is going on (ie. if I can answer 200 people in one day OR 50 people and we have 700 people waiting - I’m most likely going to answer the 200 people even if their tickets are normally considered lower priority. The key is not shifting that direction too often otherwise the wait times increase beyond an acceptable point - hi we’re here right now.)

Basically a biiiig focus at the moment is improving processes to prevent long backlogs from happening even with only 3 people on the CX team and also next week for the CX team the goal will be to maybe put a few other tasks down so we can smash out as many tickets as physically possible to try to get a clean slate. Also hiring more staff. Hiring more staff is always chef’s kiss - it does require a training period though so short term it can be a little rough, long term extra bodies are super helpful though obviously.

I appreciate you bearing with us :pray: :pray: :pray:


I understand your “priority” in terms of payments/refunds.

Yet how can it be possible for some tickets to be “stuck” for close to a year (or in my case:) over a year without any answers or advice on how to fix the issue?

I mean, if there’s just too many tickets open or noone capable of responding then just put in a automated bot message which actually tells the user that f.e. 236 “technical issue” problems are “in line” before.
But it should also involve some kind of parameters like “user activity” on how tickets are chosen to be processed. I mean, I regularly refreshed my ticket, or at least tried to by providing more detailed info.

Any infos in return would be nice. Anything. Feels more like “ignore mode” is sometimes activated and either the player with a (what you may view as a) “low priority problem” quits the game which solves “the problem” in some way or the player just gives up his request and lives with whatever bug is faced which also solves the problem in some way.

Lets see, maybe I crack the 2 years with my ticket. ^^

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In general, I think this works very well and is a great resource. :slight_smile: However, as can be seen in the below topic, this does rely on your having kept those articles up to date - forum members cannot reliably point other members to those articles if they are not updated regularly enough.

It’s been months since the 6.2 update, which drastically changed how the game works - please make this more of a priority. :innocent:

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It seems my ticket I referred to in this topic multiple times ago got abandoned again since over a month ago. I answered your questions @Kafka in the ticket.
At first tbh I thought “great, finally I get help”. How foolish of me to think that. Long postings in this thread containing empty phrases and promises…

@Jeto can you maybe take over and help me? Or finally send this ticket to someone that maybe can? Or if noone has any clue than have someone just post this sad info for me so I at least know that I most likely have to live with the bug forever…