Games after World Quest

Do I have to do all 8 World Quests before i can get to the Soul Forge and the other games? I finally beat one but they keep adding more quests.


Hi @roblurker,

Here you can read which World Quest you must do to unlock different parts of the map.

World Quests


I hope this will help you further, much pleasure and success with your game progress and gemming!

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Thanks so much for the information.

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Its a pleasure to could help you.

Hi roblurker,

I unlocked all of the game modes before World Quests were part of the game, but in my understanding, you need to reach certain Hero Levels and do the related World Quest for each game mode to unlock. I’m not 100% on whether you can select which World Quest to do, but I imagine you have to do them all in order. Perhaps someone can confirm or correct this.

For the Soulforge specifically, it looks like you have to be Hero Level 45 and do 5 World Quests to unlock the Tier 1 portion (Levels 1 to 10).

Hi Shivandri,

Unfortunately, it seems these articles are out-of-date. The World Quest article doesn’t say much, and the Soulforge article suggests you need to complete four kingdom questlines. I believe this was prior to the 6.2 update.

@Jeto / @OminousGMan ,

Can you have a look at these articles and update them please? :innocent:

Thanks for your assistance. I leveled up 2 places and all my troops. I now need to figure out ascension.

You’re most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ascension is pretty straight forward - let us know if you have any questions about it.

Thanks I will ask I am sure.

Hi @roblurker and @OneWorld,

Im sorry that I seemly gave out of date information!
I hope that the team will update it soon so we can help each other!

Good busy @roblurker and its always great to help others to discover and help players with the game much pleasure and success with gemming and you know by question this is the place :wink: where you can find answers or info

Thanks @Oneworld, for jump in where I gave the out of date info!

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