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Top 50 Riverford is looking for members (3 slots still available)

The #49 PC/Mobile guild is looking for established players. Until the 2.1 update, we were way more casual. However, the bonuses and rewards gained in the new 2.1 really necessitate higher activity from all members.

For that reason, we’re actively recruiting new members. I am only doing the recruiting - our guild leader is not active here so it will have to be a 2-step process.

Our requirements are:

  1. Contribute at least 1300 seals per week.
  2. Contribute at least 100,000 gold per week.
  3. Be at least level 100.

Outside of that, we would prefer people who have all of their kingdoms at level 10, or close to it, but that’s not a requirement as long as you can do the 100K gold per week.

If you would like to join, post your invite code.

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I am an active player LEVEL 170. My guild is 246 Rank and i am standing tier 2 but we have problem with communication after the update. Members don’t equally contribute and our leader don’t kick people easy so i am looking for a Guild with rules and equality.
I can contribute 200k - 250k , 1100 - 1300 seals, 200 - 300 trophies per week.
I am 30 years old and from Greece.

Invite code : zougaman


You need to leave your existing Guild and he’ll send you an invite.

Thx for the invite but i accepted another one.
Thx again

Updated, we have 3 slots available.

We still have 3 slots available. Our guild leader @Ricky76 is now a member here, so the process should be much smoother.

Hi! Would love to join. Lvl 130. I can meet your requirements. Invite Code: EPOHLAST

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Hi I’m looking for a new guild

Invite code DAVESTOZ

Lvl 139

And can easily meet the guild requirements


Dave UK based player

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Thanks guys. Stand by.




Hi there, I am Ricky, the Guild Leader of Riverford and I’ve sent you an invite to join. I’ve updated our Guild to Invite only to give you time to accept my invite.

Thank You

Hi Dave, I am Ricky, the Guild Leader of Riverford and I’ve sent you an invite to join. I’ve updated our Guild to Invite only to give you time to accept my invite.

Thank You

Hi Ricky seems I’ve exited the guild or been booted can I return my code is davestoz cheers

Hi Dave

I’m sorry but I had to let you go since you’d only donated 78k when I looked earlier and I need to set guidelines by Saturday to give me time to recruit players ahead of the reset on Monday morning.

I did post in the Guild chat room a couple of times looking for updates from you as to where you were because I think you maybe still had some kingdoms to level but I never got a response. I know you’d got the seals and trophies and it’s tough having to let people go but when so have people. Essaying me saying they’ll donate 300-600k and Meet the targets it’s difficult for me to say no to them because harsh as it may be then I’ll have other members in the guild unhappy that we arent finishing tasks and some are doing more than others.

I’m sure you’ll find another guild there are loads advertising - some high ranked ones too.

Hope there’s no hard feelings.


Ok not a problem I did say i was concentrating on my kingdoms I could have donated the gold into the guild instead thanks for having me any way and if a place comes up again I will be very interested in rejoining cheers Dave