Top 50 Guild League Table History

This won’t be of interest for everyone here, but since I already collected the stats I thought I would share it for those few with an interest.

Gems of War Top 50 Guild League Table History for PC/Mobile

The league table is collected weekly a few around 20 hours before the event changeover time, and I’ve been collecting weekly tables since the start of November 2015.

Like this post if you’d like me to keep updating the online version weekly.


Great stuff, looks our guild is doing pretty ok (Royal Fire), from 42 to 35 in that period :slightly_smiling:

Very interesting!


My guild is so boring, no change…


Can ya pull the fastest moving guild out of those stats?

Heroes United, 29 to 19, on a roll :wink:


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Dammm i wish i was in Heroes United


In terms of increasing positions, Shadow Company with 11 spots (then Heroes United with 10).

In terms of average trophies per week, Asha’s World, with Anonymous and MM close behind.


Very cool! And a reminder for us in MatchMasters not to get complacent, eh @serale?

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Kudos @actreal for the work you’ve put into collecting and sharing this data!

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@Jainus, @Serale.

If you look at the average, we are almost on par for the fastest moving guild in the last 11 weeks, at around 4500 trophies.
HOWEVER! Asha’s World, Anonymous and Tyrants have increase their winnings in the last weeks, going over 5000 and even 6000.

If they maintain those speed, they would be a threat…

I don’t know if you remember but I had keept track of top guilds on my own for quite some time, part of the reasons the changes I announced 3 weeks ago to the guild were to adress this exact problem, well only looking at Tyrant, is the first time I hear about Ashas World, however ill continue to keep track of the issue after the changes start Jan 11th. You both dont have to worry about that @Jainus, @MrSammy. ^^

Anonymous just overtook Final Fantasy today, they’re really moving fast! And if Asha’s World stays as fast as it says in that chart, we’ll be expecting them on our doorstep real soon.


Just loaded the update.

Guilds switching positions all over the table this week, and we’ve almost reached the point where being in the top 50 requires 50,000 trophies.


Thanks for the update. It is interesting to see the weekly trophies of each guild.

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It was an awesome week :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’ve just updated the spreadsheet for this week.

As predicted, guilds now need at least 51,000 trophies to reach the top 50.

Two guilds cracked the enormous 6,000 trophies/week level this week - both for the first time.

No movement in the top 20 this week although the 40-50 positions shuffled themselves as they do every week.

It will be interesting to see how the removal of battle costs affects things in the coming week.


No update today? :disappointed:

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It’s Australia Day - so the update is a bit late today. :smirk:

I always collect the data before the event end but don’t always transfer it across to the Google sheet until the next day.

This week saw a guild collect more than 8,000 trophies in a week - an unbelievable effort considering anything over 4,000 is rare for most top guilds.


Wouldnt mind taking some Anonymous for my guild. 7u7


Much as we respect you, @serale, we’re happy where we are.:wink:


It`s almost Over 9000 :smiley: Good job Anonymus. Keep it up

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