Top 50 Guild League Table History

Less than three.

This week’s update:

  • A new weekly trophy record by an extra 101 trophies
  • A guild climbs 9 places in the last 2 weeks
  • A new entrant to the top 50 only 3 weeks ago climbs to 44 with what looks like more gains to come

The 1.0.8 update had a pretty clear effect on activity in the top guilds. Pre update the average weekly trophies sat around 1,500 - after it jumped to a relatively steady level around 2,300 per week.


Im in the currently 11th - Light Army. :sunglasses:

All updated for this week.

Business as usual this week - the regular climbers climbed, the fallers fell and everyone else stayed on a steady course.

A request this week - I’d be interested to know the size of my “regular” audience, so if you check out my updates each week, please like this post so I can get a headcount. Cheers, and may the trophy count be ever in your favour. :slightly_smiling:


All updated for the week. Thanks to all my regulars who signed in the post above to let me know I’ve got a small, dedicated following. :sunglasses:

This week, the big climbers put in even bigger weeks than ever before - go check it out in the link in the top post.

I thought I’d also share some random trivia this week too - Popularity of Guild Emblems in the Top 50 Guilds!

Of the 15 Emblems to choose from for your Guild shield, here they are in order of popularity :

9 - Phoenix
7 - Flames
6 - Golden Chaos and Silver Chaos (coincidentally equally popular…)
5 - Daemon Lord and Nature
3 - Water
2 - Lion
1 - Fire, Flower, Helmet, Serpent, Silver Sun, Star, Sun


Thx for your work

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So for most of the week we’ve had the new rule change with retreats now costing a trophy and the impact is…

Statistically insignificant.

Anti-climax I know, but the top 50 guilds have all posted trophy counts well within their usual ranges and the total trophies for all 50 guilds are only 3% less than last week (which was an above average week for many guilds).


After last week’s “business as usual” week, I’m glad to see a bit of a shake-up this week for Leap Day.

I try to lock in the weekly totals around the same time every week, but this week more positions than normal seemed to be decided by a small number of trophies, so I apologise if your guild sits lower on the table than they should for a whole week. That said, given the tight tussles I’m seeing, you probably won’t sit on top all week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, congratulations to a guild who for the first time this week both cracked 8,000 trophies and seized the weekly biggest gain.


I was thinking of posting this when the Spring Imp came out, but since the devs are (justifiably) distracted with 1.0.9, I’m going to post it now… the first seasonal guild league table. Rankings are based on trophies won between the 30 November 2015 table and 29 February 2016 table.

Winter (Summer) League Top 20

 1  Anonymous             84,940
 2  Royal Fire            61,245
 3  Match Masters         59,362
 4  Tyrant                53,353
 5  Asha's World          49,321
 6  Tigerclaw             44,266
 7  Black Pearl           44,008
 8  Rainmaker             43,731
 9  Heroes United         40,872
10  Vn4ever               40,653
11  Light Army            37,684
12  Final Fantasy         30,998
13  Green Walkers         30,959
14  Ultra Marines         30,741
15  Darkfall              30,250
16  Knights of the Glade  28,682
17  DeathFall             27,301
18  In Virtue             27,176
19  Shadow Company        26,793
20  Die or Fight          26,216

As always, if you want to see more of these, give this post a like. If you like it all, give the top post of the thread a like.


I do find this information really cool and useful. I’ve been really surprised to see some of the top guilds having gone dormant and taking a long time to drop rankings.

It will be interesting to see what changes happen when they get to the guild update patch.


Good to see my old Tigerclaw home still doing so well… Gg to @pell and the gang! Obviously I was holding you back :slight_smile:

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Weekly update is now up, with the biggest change near the top of the table as Anonymous edges into second by the end of the week.


1 like given again. Thanks actreal. Always looking forward to the new update :slight_smile:


The first update of 1.0.9 is now up, and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but on average the same amount of trophies were earned as previous weeks.

My theory is there was an increased desire to try the new PvP and Arena for trophies, but this was offset by folk trying out the new Treasure Hunt, the new quests and challenges, and possibly PvP matches taking longer now with no TrueShot-SkullGen fast grind any more.

My theory for next week is that we start to see the longer PvP matches take some toll on trophy numbers, but maybe the quest for glory for the new Kingdom events over the next fortnight will even it out. Tune in next week to find out! :sunglasses:


My prediction is it will go down next week. My prediction is also that it will go WAY down when the devs fix hero magic working in Arena. It may even go way way down if they fix Arena and fix the broken defend system to incentivize strong teams instead of rewarding weak ones.


This week’s numbers are locked in so go and check them out - link in the top post!

@Tacet and I were wrong - average trophy numbers went up slightly from last week, still within the normal range for post 1.0.8. It wasn’t just a few hardcore guild efforts dragging the average up either - plenty of guilds did better this week. Perhaps everyone’s playing more fast hero magic Arena to offset the slower PvP?

A fair bit of trading places across the league this week but no big moves.


I’d say it’s a mixture of that ^ and people now have adjusted their troops and line-ups to be the most effective in PvP.

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I think it is 100% because of magic working in Arena. xD


Nah, I haven’t played arena since the update, so it might be 99.9 but not 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @actreal for the update!

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