To cheat or not to cheat that be the question

I not sure this warrant a punishment. just fix and move on


Really, the xbox version still has it that way? Shame on the developers. On pc it was fixed a few months ago. Long time before the last patch on X, so it should have been ported in that codebase.

As for you, it worked that way on pc well over a year. And was described in the guides too. No one ever cared. (also until recently it costed a fair amount of gold.) Until start of this year when a few guilds got to the top really fast. There is a spreadsheet somewhere on weekly progress, you can check if the velocity dropped after the fix, IIRC on the first week it did not.

some players like to farm stuff, including trophies, other just frawn on them or simply ignore that aspect for good. If you’re in the first group I see no problem from using the game feature that is there with everyone’s consent. After all anyone can reach about any target number, it makes only a small difference in the time invested on this (IMO) nonsense.

LOL, for some people over a year still counts as “quiclkly”.

This only became an issue after the 0 Gold to invade; whereas prior it took too much gold to exploit this.

So, yes… Quickly.

Even that period was over a month. And “too much” gold by what standard? You lost a portion of gold you won but was still in the positive so was perfectly doable.

You remember correctly.

Be it exploit or cheat that gives possible advantage by taking advantage of the system by unfair means my stance is this. I can rack up about 1000 trophies a week but don’t believe i am using pvp to due this. That person in the video was wasting their time because the guild would know if a person was doing it by tracking their progress and watching trophy gains and pvp rank. I would believe that maybe some top guilds require a certain end of week pvp rank. Gaining trophies in the way mentioned in the video would get someone kicked out of a guild like that. Let us do some math here. i use arena and i know ps4 and xbox have arena in their game. 8 games gives 10 trophies. that is 800 games for 1000 trophies. that is only 100 arena games. in one day i only need to play 14 arena runs. In the time it takes to complete my 14 arena wins that person in the video would only be half done with getting their number of trophies. Sadly the person in the video was misguided cause in arena your rewards are far beyond trophies. You can literally double or triple your earnings without considering individual game rewards. I understand that would be 112 games a day which is alot sure but the person in the video has to lose every other game after a while or else they lose their double trophy “thing” so they would have to fight a minimum 224 games cause he has to forfeit half of those which would waste that persons time.

This isn’t exactly my definition of spreading Christmas cheer.

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Nope… my doctors advise me to stay away from fights.


Maybe, “we’re going to address this in the next update”?

I say if you can do it, it’s okay. There are no “rules” in a computer game. Players don’t sign off on or agree to some universal code of conduct before they can play. The game designers create an artificial world, and the players are given license to interact in that world in any way they are able. If they discover a different way of doing something that is beneficial to them, they may use it. And if doing so is counter to the wishes and intent of the developer, then the developer closes it up.

Regarding this specific situation: there is no rulebook that says: “you shall receive 1 trophy per battle after reaching Rank 1.” Most of us receive only 1 trophy, see that as the status quo, and grind happily on, one trophy at a time. A few players weren’t happy with that, and figured out a way to double the effectiveness of their time.

The issue, as I see it, is that people get bent out of shape when they perceive that someone else is getting a better deal than they are. It’s the fairness thing. We all have to share our misery. If it takes me 100 battles to earn 100 trophies, it should also take you 100 battles to earn the same. How come the argument is never, “you got twice the trophies in the same amount of battles, I should too?” No, we want them to drag on with us.

To me, a computer game is about my enjoyment. I am using valuable leisure hours, and if I can enjoy those hours a little more because I feel like I gained an advantage, what is the problem?


Well, I was planning to weigh in here, but you’ve already covered my main points – and with solid grammar and spelling too!

I too draw a distinction between an Exploit and Cheating. An exploit is taking advantage of an oversight, which everyone has access to, whereas cheating is hacking the game to give yourself an unfair advantage. Perfect example: I have no issues force-closing a PvP match if it’s clear I’m going to lose (an exploit that anyone can do), but I would never hack the game to give myself Gems or create a bot to play the game for me (cheating).

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Everyone who exploits the stupidity of the enemy AI is a cheater. Oh wait…

Well it is doctors orders but did’t they fix the trophy exploit in 1.8 and therefor it is already patched? Am i mistaken or was it patched in 1.9 for pc. Also technically the person using this exploit has to stay at the lowest rank to guarantee the trophy exploit works so they have to lose every other game in order to not rank up so they have to fight twice as many battles to get the same result

The “cheat versus exploit” argument comes down to semantics. The two terms are used largely interchangeably, and how you should feel about taking advantage of a cheat/exploit is entirely up to your own sense of ethics.

And regardless of how you feel about cheats/exploits, this is a game. You should be having fun. Play in whatever way is most entertaining for you. Yes, we will inevitably close loopholes that grant players an unfair advantage, but nobody’s going to show up at your front door and punch you in the face for taking advantage of a technical issue in Gems of War.

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Maybe that’s something we should look into… An Amazon drone that delivers a box which, upon opening, greets you with a spring-loaded boxing glove (like something out of Looney Tunes). We can call them Punch-o-grams. Anyone want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting business opportunity?!

yes i would like to order 1000 to arrive at where ever trump is located for what he did to certain parts of the world. Sorry not going to spoil those things here cause this is a rated (g) forum i think.

I like this plan. Especially if the spring-loaded boxing glove spawns a Batman '66-style onomatopeia when it hits. Something like a giant, red “BLANG!” or “KAPOWZA!”

That way we’ll all get a few solid laughs out of the stunt before Pipeworks is crushed beneath the weight of a million personal injury lawsuits.

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