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To cheat or not to cheat that be the question

Not sure how well this is going to go down but here goe’s :slight_smile:
I’m on the PS4 so not sure if it’s the same on Xbox1 or PC but yesterday I spotted a community post telling everyone how the Top Guilds are grinding to the top plus his YouTube link.
It’s a way of getting 2 trophies every game but only losing 1 star thus your getting double trophies all week unlike the rest of us.He said all the Top Guilds were doing it and it makes a lot more sense to me now after I spent just less than two days in Father Christmas Little Parcels :slight_smile: I left because I didn’t want to be spoon feed the rewards I was getting as I was not pulling my weight in the Guild,I think it was Saturday and Father had 600 trophies already whilst I had about 20 lol,I thought WOW these guy’s a bloody good too good for little old me so I left.
Now to me it’s cheating probably a lot of people are going to say your a idiot Waylander it’s a game and free game at that,but it’s not just Gems of War Diablo on PC just removed players from the Leader Board for using Mods lettling them cheat their way to the Top,and Tiger Woods Golf had it’'s
problems with cheats.
People are going to say who cares it’s a game but think about it you decide to cheat not in a game but the real World,so if it’s ok to cheat in game why not cheat on your girlfriend…boyfriend…wife…husband…boss hell even cheat on your taxes why not because your nothing but a cheat wanting something for nothing.
Wiktionary states cheats as a act of deception and Video Games a hidden means of gaining an unfair advantage,which is the case here.Now even if the leader boards were reset to zero the top Guilds would still be the top Guilds,but it would be a even playing field.
Probably most of you think what a fool but sorry I was always told don’t tell lies,steal,cheat and help those in need and ok i’m probably a dying breed at 53 years old,today everyone wants it yesterday can’t wait or work for it,which is a shame because that’s not how life should be lived,be it a game or day to day life.
If 505 are reading this it’s easy to fix if you care that much about the game,just make it so every retreat you lose a trophy as well simple…
Now I wonder how many attack me or agree with me lol only time will tell.

So I’m not getting dragged into the philosophical side of this… though I can sympathise a bit with your stance…

This bug was fixed recently on the PC/iOS versions, so should be fixed on consoles, and soon… It’s been suggested more than enough times that some guilds or players were exploiting this, but no evidence surfaced before or after…

I’ve reclassified this to PS4 chat - help the 505 devs find it - and can call out a few: @nex? @Mr.Strange?


Hard to stay calm because i know you mean me with Father /Christmas . I play 5-6 Hours a Day only Invasion 70-100 Trophys a Day is normal for me . I bet you play 1 Hour a Day and you are suprised that others get much more Trophys then yourself .
Really man you suck you Attack me and my Guild

Iam Level 660 ~ second highest Player on PS4 of course i play much and get much Trophys <^>

500-600 Trophys a Week is normal for high Active Players

Idiot !

LOL now did I say it was you it would never stand up in a court of law :slight_smile: It was not me but someone who was part of your Guild also other top 10 Guilds who stated the way you all use to rank up your Guilds.Sorry your wrong mate I play more than a hour a day as I care for my disabled mother who can not be left,playing Gems lets me relax plus I can tend to her needs without worry leaving the game running,plus i’m on 191 trophies this week THAT’S 1 AT A TIME FATHER oop’s Santa lol.So how the hell do you get 500-600 every week you do have a life don’t you I know you only work one day a year but come on that’s just crazy,you need to get out feel the breeze on your face smell natures wonders now and then :slight_smile: Happy Gaming Santa

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500-600 is possible if you go for speed (or using the 2 trophy trick). I get ~350 a week without going for speed and playing 1 hour less a day then santa.

I would call it cheating though as it is just using game mechanic to maximize trophy output. There is no rule saying you should not do it. While cheating on wife/taxes is against rules/law.

It is an exploit and was corrected in the PC/Mobile versions of the game. An exploit being a cheat is a controversial debate in and of itself. Nevertheless, we should keep this forum as civil as possible; and there are those in the PC/mobile realm that do far more than 500-600 trophies a week without any exploits.

Keep things civil.

I pull in 350-500 Trophies a week through PvP and about 2 Arena runs a day.

The key is having a high win ratio

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very possible to hit those marks with a lot of game play time. If a person does something in a game that they know was not intended by dev’s they are in fact exploiting/cheating. shouldn’t have to be told its wrong. Just my opinion

Heard of this bug before it was fixed, did not use as I saw it as a cheat.

This is unacceptable.

Don’t presume to judge others here.

You may want to read the forum rules: http://community.gemsofwar.com/faq

Please do your best to stay civil. If it’s indeed you using the two trophy exploit then many will deem that cheating. Not that anyone can stop you - but it will be stopped soon enough, I trust.


I hope the developers take whatever action they deem appropriate towards anyone they caught cheating.

Well I thank everyone for their input about my post and with luck a simple fix will be put in place very soon to fix this issue,I know people hate the word cheat and it maybe too strong a word in this case but it was still fixed in the PC version which tells you something.Be it a exploit or a cheat it would be great if everyone could play by the same rules,I for one can’t see what point there is in cheating at a game it’s mean’t to be fun and relaxing.
When you guy’s tell me how many trophies you can get WOW puts my number to shame but i’m only a level 125 player so hope for little old me yet :slight_smile:
Again I thank you all for your input and happy gaming everyone :slight_smile:

Imo it’s an exploit, not a cheat. And the only thing it allows is a little faster racking up of trophies, which isn’t a big deal since only competitive guilds are after trophies on ps4. And I bet this exploit is known to all competitive guilds.

I knew about this, and used it for probably 30 pvp matches all in all. But in the end it doesn’t really make it THAT much faster, it’s only a major annoyance and you’ll also get less glory per day as you will not be rank 1. If you have a good fast team for invading the +1 trophy per match becomes trivial, as the time needed to start a match -> retreat it -> find a new opponent -> start a match is almost as long as the matches themselves.

The only cheat part here is if you use the retreat in order for you not to lose the match and trophy.

Again, IMO.

Despite what people think, the two are essentially the same thing.

Cheating is gaining an unfair advantage, doesn’t matter how.


I said IMO twice. For me exploit is maximizing efficency in game trough game design flaw which is available for everybody.

Cheat is giving one an advantage over another trough active means such as cheat engines or codes.

IMO. And I’m not native in english so maybe I translate these two differently in my head :sweat_smile:

In this particular case I see it as an exploit, that is not only extremely annoying to do, but also has negative sides to your own game for minimal profit.

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Sorry @Swupe, but what you are describing is cheating.

Exploiting is like leaving Skulls on the board so the AI will match them instead of casting a Spell because you know the AI prioritizes Skulls over everything else.

Making the game do something it wasn’t ever intended to do is “breaking the rules” of the game.

Like I said before, I hope the developers identify everyone and take appropriate action(s).

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I would actually be stunned to see if devs made any action here. They can’t even get the game run without bugs nor compensate inviduals for them, or fix them in less than 4 months. Now if they would punish some inviduals (not to mention it’s their hardcore playerbase who allegedly did this) it would be simply amazing :laughing:

IMO the skull thing you mentioned, falls to “strategy” category.

This and the gem key glitch fall to exploit category. Lucky sobs who managed to exploit that one, when guild gave gem keys instead of gold keys. I bet some guilds put all gold to key tasks, now that’s an exploit that also hurt their revenues as well.

But I don’t want to continue with this “argument”, I see your point, and for the record I don’t like exploiting either, so I’m with you on that. Nevertheless exploiting happens and I merely disagree with the degree how “bad” it is, nothing more.

On the PC/iOS version this was patched and fixed pretty quickly once it was proven.

They didn’t punish or name any individuals as far as we know.

@nex @Mr.Strange you may want to pick up this thread?

Are the extra trophies that big of a deal? Any. Kind of punishment seems a little extreme. I also dont recall anyone calling for punishment when members of the top guilds got 300+ magic keys from that exploit.

I not sure this warrant a punishment. just fix and move on