Top 50 Guild League Table History

I’m curious what happened to Royal Fire. A couple weeks back they were out performing everyone. They either had a few people who were really abusing 2x trophies and multi-platform playing (both of which have been fixed over the past couple weeks), they are losing their members to higher guilds, and/or their active players aren’t playing as much.


None of that all Tacet, but are those accusations needed?

We simply lost one extreme active player, right after the patch update. No idea why he went inactive, as he didn’t inform me nor anyone in our guild. As a result, our progress is less, but still we are among the top guilds week in week out. Hopefully we will be bouncing back soon.


I’m not trying to make any form of accusation. I was just curious of the reason(s) why your guild is going counter to the global trend. Match Masters had a similar instance when a member who did around 1,000 a week left to form his own guild.

I cant remember any member who did 1000 a week leaving to start his own guild. Who was that then ?

Techn9neee. He had one of the highest trophy output every week for a month, some weeks even the highest in the game. Check back in the events when the devs posted the weekly trophy outputs.

He had a short stint in our guild. Ran off when we asked him to donate. Weird guy.

Holy smokes that’s exactly when he left our guild. Coincidence? I think not.

so done dancing around that by the way.

That’s off topic…

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You guys are absolute loons. I in a lower guild dedicating its existence in nurturing young and new gem casters have never in the life of me thought a member would move to the top and stand on the shoulders of giants and the saddest part is that we still make progress slowly getting through the ranks with an open guild with basically no requirements. When you are not in a top guild and every guild around you is basically dead it is easy progress but this is in the 1000s rank so this has no effect on you top monster of dedicated players. I must know how often does everyone play and how many matches a day do they play every day in this game to get that many trophies and do they choose arena or pvp you know for a little info for the guilds still not in the top 1000.

Let’s use the #1 guild’s numbers as an example.

7000 trophies a week.
1000 trophies a day / 30 members
33.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 trophies per member per day.

With a finely tuned eye for match 3 games (which you can safely assume a member of the #1 guild has), teams tuned for the current meta, and fully levelled (plus probably a handful of power 5) kingdoms, I could see them cranking out 33 trophies in an hour or less.

I’m a relatively slow player with only 1 power 5 kingdom and 2/4 of my main PvP team are mythics, and I still dont have trouble hitting 20-24 trophies if I’m going for pure speed.

Strange, he donated over $7m the day he joined our guild on Saturday.

Weird guy indeed.

Weird… He could have donated some of that while receiving tons of free goodies from everyone else’s donations in MM…

Those were my exact thoughts.

Maybe it was personal and he just couldn’t, in good conscience, support MM… :wink:

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Sounds like the type of person that gets more enjoyment out of helping lesser guilds.

Regardless, 7mil paired with the new mail system probably made a pretty penny of resources for all members involved. Lucky blokes.

I don’t know him/her personally, but I thank him/her for their generous donation. We enjoy his/her company in Anonymous. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere I’m sure. I could be wrong.

So he decided to go with cheaters? Makes no sense… :frowning:

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No, he left them.


Oh that discussion is not happening. Drop it now. We hear it from Sirrian or nobody. Done. Stop.

And “discussion” is giving everyone involved way too much credit, judging by the last 3-4 times.


Nice try. :v