Tunes of War: Official Forum Thread

Go Vangor Go!!
Can’t wait to hear it!!!


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I guess we got distracted with trophies and forgot to write one :scream: . But I’m not accepting the challenge, I know when I’m out of my league “magical maestro”. You’ll have to just enjoy trouncing @Vangor, since he doesn’t :wink:

Can’t wait for the next song, and for you to officially be announced winner of the contest :clap::clap::clap:


Its gonna take me a bit of time cuz im gonna have to learn how to do it but im gonna try my hand😎 i already have some ideas😀

Edit: ill post it here when its done


There is no doubt!


I have decided on an original track for GotO theme song!

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Really? I must have misunderstood something over at :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bias! Fake News! Unfair! We need to make GoW Great Again!


My first song! I imagine it playing during GW battles… I hope i did this right and it can be played… Lol


Well done!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

It totally has a Mega Man vibe to me and I mean that 100% as a compliment! It’s very catchy and would be an enjoyable battle loop. :thumbsup:

I have to admit I was looking forward to hearing a gorilla croon… :cry:

Guess that will have to be removed from my bucket list at later date… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well… My guild theme WILL have vocals but this gorilla absolutely does NOT croon lol i flow…


Also thank you for enjoying it i think as i get more experience i will get better😎


No doubt!
I look forward to your next composition!

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Great work as always @efh313 ! :grin:


Nice job @Vangor. I now have your GW theme stuck in my head.

It really is very catchy!


Thanks @Stan but imagine how bad its stuck in MY head… Ive heard it a hundred times in 24 hours lol


Here at Monkeys on the Bed Laboratories, we’re always interested in collaborating. In fact, we have the makings of a serious Gems of War band here! Woot!

(I promise ya efh I do listen to your videos lol)


Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a prigress report on my theme song for Gems of the Ostfront! I have been working hard on it and i am learning a lot about making music (and having tons of fun!)

Unfortunately i have had a bit of a setback due to getting about half done and not being real happy with the song to this point. So i may just scrap the whole thing and start fresh (haven’t decided yet)

Either way, i am still working on it and hope to have a finished product soon!

DJ Vangor😎


The summer has come and gone and with its exit I bring the newest Tunes of War parody!!!

But before I go any further I must give some special shout outs.

This was from the very beginning a collaboration between @Whiskeyjack, @vangor, and myself. When we learned that our “brudda”, @Ozball, was being made an official Forum Moderator our crazy minds started crafting a very special tribute to him.

The following parody is that tribute.

We hope you enjoy: MODERATORS

We moderate any stealing of intellectual property. We’re damn good too. But you can’t be any geek off the boards. You gotta be handy with the hammer, if you know what I mean. Earn your keep.
Moderators, mount up!

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
Vangor is on the tubes, trying to consume
Some content for the eve, so I can get some likes
Just rollin’ at my desk, reading through the night

Just hit the website, my community
On a mission tryin’ to find posts of quality
See a thread full of trolls
Ain’t no need to speak
All these jerks know what’s up
When they cross me

So I hooks a left into Official News
Some brudda talkin’ nice so I said “let’s do this”
I jumped into the thread, and said “what’s up?”
Some brudda’s try’n’a be me so I said “I’m stuck”

Since these posters pinging me I’ma glide and swerve
So I tell them that the Devs are on the word
Gonna think of better things than some corny tricks
I see my homey and some sucker’s all in his mix

I’m gettin duped, he’s try’n’a be me,
I can’t believe they’re taking Vangor’s IP
They took my name, they took my profile pic
I looked at the brudda and said “damn, what gives?”

They got my homey hemmed up, posting all around
Necroing old threads, so he look like a clown
I gotta come up real quick before the forum drowns
I best get out my hammer and lay them busters down

They got posts in my thread
I think I’m going down
I can’t believe this happened in my home town
If I had wings I would fly
Away from it all
I glance the front page and peep brudda Ozball

Twenty six year ban plus one to be nice
Ozball is about to turn accounts to ice
Now they droppin and yellin
It’s a tad bit late
Ozball and Salty P had to moderate

I laid all them busters down
I let my keys explode
Now I’m switching my mind back into freak mode
If you want likes step back and observe
I just left a bunch of trolls over there on the curb

Now Oz got the likes
And that’s a known fact
Before I got jacked I was on the same track
[Oz] Back up back up 'cause it’s on
OzBall and me
and Salty to the P

Just like I thought
They were in the same spot
In need of some desperate help
The Ozball and Vangor
Were in need of something else
One of them dames was posting great memes
I said “ooh I like your style”
She said “I need a title and you seem real nice,
would you help me out?”
I got a box full of pings and I know what to do
The next stop is the admin menu

I’m posting
Onto a whole new level
Stept towards
I dare you
On a whole new scene
[Oz]The brudda is the post and the post is the meme
We brings
Where gems is life
And life is gems

If you know like I know
You don’t want to step to this
The Guild Wars era
Funked out with a gangster twist
If you post like I post
Then you give likes everyday
And if you’re an impostor
505 will moderate

FUN FACT: @whiskeyjack came back with lyrics for the entire song 12 hours after conception!! Insane!! :scream:


This was very fun to work on with you guys (what little bit i contributed lol) and i look forward to possibly collaborating on future projects!