Top 50 Guild League Table History


The fuse is lit, the Weekly Top 50 is about to go boom!

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Rock$tar
  3. Marshal
  4. TUF: Unrepentant
  5. Anonymous
  6. A W RYAN
  7. Últimos Guardianes
  8. DarkWarriors
  9. Tyrant
  10. Solophobia


How does Power Gems get a negative trophy count?


I have no information about this specific instance, but in the past where a guild has had reduced trophy counts it is because a member has been caught cheating and been banned. The cheat’s total trophies are then deducted from the guild (whether anyone else in the guild knew about the cheating or not) causing a large instantaneous reduction.

This has happened before to several Top 50 guilds and will no doubt happen again.


Is it positive they have a trophies taken away from something suspicious? I have seen that before


Here it comes to save the week! The Top 50 update is not for the meek!

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Rock$tar
  4. Últimos Guardianes
  5. TUF: Unrepentant
  6. A W RYAN
  7. DarkWarriors
  8. Marshal
  9. Hoguns
  10. Tyrant


I’m sad to post this, but my interest in tracking these statistics has waned, so I will no longer be updating my Top 50 Guild League Table spreadsheet.

There is good news, however. @Taransworld continues to track the Guild league table for many more guilds than just the Top 50 on his very useful website, and he has statistics for the top 50 going back to January 2017. Bear in mind that his weekly data cut is right on the weekly reset, whereas mine has always been sometime in the 24 hours before the reset so the figures will not align exactly.

I will keep my spreadsheet online for anyone who wants to use the past data to assist with their future analysis.

See you all around the forums and in the battlefields of Krystara,



I am so sorry to hear this, @actreal. I always found this to be useful information and looked forward to it every week. On the other hand, I can see how it would get wearing after a while. Thank you for doing this for so long.


Thank you for creating then maintaining it for so long. I’ve followed your tracking ever since Unrepentant entered the Top 50 and it’s been a wonderful journey.

So very happy we made it to #3 in time for your last update!!! :star_struck::fireworks:


No one taking up the reins from @actreal?


@Draprion you can find this information at under “Guild Rankings” or more then top 50 (top 300) using the “Guild Rankings Max” page also at

@actreal, sorry to see you won’t be doing this anymore.


Thanks @actreal for managing this topic for so long.

This forum is loosing time after time all its kind topics :worried:


Ok thanks. All good things must come to an end it seems.


@actreal never gave you enough credit for the extra time and effort for this and being dedicated to it for a while now. Thanks for everything :grin:


Week 2018-04-02 Top10:

Anonymous 38022
Intrim 35922
Rock$tar 35043
A W RYAN 31406
Carnivores 28527
TUF: Unrepentant 27804
Solophobia 27293
Últimos Guardianes 26882
Tigerclaw 26461
DarkWarriors 26417

@actreal thanks for all your work! Hope you don’t mind if I use this post to continue with weekly updates


@actreal Thanks for having kept this thread alive for so long. We have eagerly waited for your post each Sunday for so long that it is sad to see it coming to an end. Thanks for having been our reference all that time.


Hah I think you credited the wrong person with all the hard work.

It definitely wasn’t me!


Sooo Happy we are Demi God 3 Now!


Week 2018-04-09 Top20

Anonymous 36,917
Rock$tar 34,886
Intrim 30,971
A W RYAN 29,503
DarkWarriors 27,741
Marshal 24,844
Solophobia 23,076
Últimos Guardianes 22,351
TUF: Unrepentant 21,204
Tigerclaw 19,083
Carnivores 19,033
Hoguns 17,623
Asha’s World 17,398
Knights of the Glade 17,298
francaise 16,024
Marthos Guardians 15,159
Magix 15,105

Here the link to the updated spreadsheet:

Credits to:
@Taransworld for his site (source for updated info)
@Geran for updating the spreadsheet


Week 2018-04-16 Top 20 (from Top 50)

Anonymous 137,415
Intrim 93,584
Rock$tar 40,889
A W RYAN 38,964
DarkWarriors 34,443
Carnivores 27,898
Solophobia 27,293
Marshal 26,400
TUF: Unrepentant 26,173
Últimos Guardianes 23,957
Tigerclaw 23,680
Magix 21,370
Asha’s World 20,416
Hoguns 20,040
francaise 19,801
Intrim II 19,094
Artista 18,535

Spreadsheet updated:

Thx to @Geran for updating data from @Taransworld


Wow, 137,000 trophies is a new weekly record for Anonymous, smashing their previous record by almost an extra 20k!

Congratulations to Anonymous on a massive effort. :clap: