Top 10 - Anonymous Recruiting

Our only requirement is that you reach PvP level 1 before the end of the week.

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Still got a slot?

I always reach on second day or latest the 3rd day. But too bad no more slot left

My invite code : TSUNAKUN 1. @dhjl Please invite me. I promised to provided 150-200k and 200+ trophies per week.

Ohohoh, just to say: so nice guild, and so amazing guys…
I congratulated you before, and 6 month after…
Really nice guys, you’re almost there…:clap:


Yeah, congrats on making it so far without getting caught. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(just joking btw :wink:)


hi what s prerequisite for enter your guild?
how many trophees and how many gold?
i intersting maybe for enter your guild i am lvl 573 23 kingdom lvl 10 and 203 creatures

good, will that I could invite your clan? game daily and can generate 500 thousand gold

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Anonymous is currently recruiting. Post here with your invite code and activity statement.

@Sirrian - Could this thread be closed? We would like to open a new recruitment thread since the guild is under new management. Thank you.



May the dragon rest, and the phoenix arise.



Je cherche a rentrer dans la guilde Anonymous, je suis chez Light army, je fait entre 300 et 1000 trophée par semaine! mon code d’invitation est SOUTHER

Thanks to all who applied. All our open spots have been filled.

Hi if you get an open space in your guild i would like to join. I am level 426 and normally donate 1,5 million gold and 900-1200 thropies per week

Good, I would like to join your clan … I am level 461, I have all the cards most are level 20, I do 1500 seals / 500k gold / 400 trophies.
My invitation code is KOUTA 777

Thanks for your interest in our guild.
This thread is quite old. We now have a monthly requirement of 1,800 and we expecting quite more, as our members average a lot more.
Maybe you can apply again later if you increase a little your activity in the future?