Top 10 Guild Seeks Active Players

We are currently the number 6 guild. That means max level guild with tons of bonuses!

Active players seeking other active players that will contribute trophies.

Please let me know your level, invite code and how often you play.



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Please invite me. Invite code: TRONG_3 Level: 240
Can contribute 200+ trophies/week.

You will have to leave the guild you are in first.

Leave the guild and I will send you the invite this evening.

ok, please invite me again. Thanks

Welcome Aboard!

Who else is looking for an active guild?

if u want invite me. lwl:95 i can contribute at least 200 trophies every week. invite code: DR MUSTAFA

Old Stinky here, I’m level 92 and I play daily. Invite code is OLD STINKY. Just left my guild, they had over 200 bonus points collecting dust because the leaders haven’t logged on in 6 months. Please consider my stank ass for membership in your fine establishment.

We have one spot open and are looking for someone that likes to invade and earns trophies.

We are currently the 6th ranked guild and have many active players and great bonuses.

Let me know your level and invite code.

You must leave your old guild before I can invite you!

vocaleyzz lvl 72 I play erry day