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Top 5th Guild (extremely active) Seeks 1 Active Player

Please tell me you level, how much you play and your invite code.

My level is 496, I play every day all day aggressively. Currently I am in the 8th Guild. Looking to upgrade.

If you want to join up, you will have to leave your invite code for me to send you an invitation. Also, technically, you can not receive that invitation unless you quit the guild you are in first.


  1. Quit Guild
  2. Leave Invite Code

Hello. I login daily, complete PVP every monday, and play most days after that depending on how excited I am about the new troop/weapon.

Level is 349, and invite code is utfanx2.

Honesty is great, but it probably isn’t the best idea to advertise that there’s a chance you aren’t going to log in for a week.

I said I login daily at the beginning, often several times a day. I play heavily on Monday-Tuesday, then slow down gradually as the week progresses. I am still pretty active.

I know what you said. I even quoted what you said.

We have another position open.

Active Guild with daily players. Ranked 5th top guild on PC/Android.

Please leave you level and how often you play and you invite code.

You must leave the guild you are in before I can invite you.

Are you guys Tigerclaw? If you would approve me joining, I will quit my guild, but I need to hear a verbal approval and reserve the spot since you only have 1 spot available. In the meantime I went to lvl.507. I play very aggressively and make about 250 trophies a week. It will be a pleasure to join you. Thanks.

Yes, we are Tigarclaw.

Send me the invite code and I will add you.

You got it

My invite code is : LEVALAYBEYOGLU

Eagerly awaiting invite. Hanging out in the open w/o a guild.

I’m in thank you. Nice to be here!

Do we have a dedicated site or facebook page to learn promotion requirements?

No, We don’t really have requirements other than you get some trophies each week and remain active.


Our guild kicks out inactive players which means we have a guild of 29 active players and one more slot left.

To join, let me know you level, how much you play and your invite code.

You will need to leave you prior guild before I can invite you.

We are 5th ranked guild and extremely active, so only active players need applly.


We still have one slot open for the 5th top ranked guild in the game!

Whats to be part of an active guild?

HI, LV 333 here. All map max and very active player. Invite code is WILSON NEO

Hey there- level 155 , got my dragon armor, play enough PVP to get maybe 100 trophies. Invite code is MOEWRON