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Top 5th Guild (extremely active) Seeks 1 Active Player


im lvl 110 and very active,
using Dragon Armor,
looking for an active guild
invitecode: MOONYSON


We just had a new spot open up this morning.
I tried to invite you but you are already in another guild.

If you are still interested then please leave guild so I can invite you.

We just had a spot open up this morning.

I have one spot open. Who wants in on an active guild?

What is you level?
How much do you play?
What is you invite code?

You have to leave guild before I can invite you.


If you still have the spot free I’d be interested in a shot.

  • Lvl 262
  • 2hrs+ each day
  • Invite Code: RICHYREAD

Richy :slightly_smiling:

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invite sent

Smashing - Thank you.

Hey brothers i am level 321 only playing a month, :))))
Im looking for a top team !!!
All my kingdoms are finished !!! So i can devote all resources to the guild.
I do 600+ trophies and 500k gold a week.
Im retired so i can play 24/7 if i like :slight_smile: p
I know i need to leave my cyrent guild before you can send me an invite. Wanted to make sure you had me a spot.
Ty for consideration.

321 in a month ???

Lol yep i play alot 3:)----

Just joined Final Fantasy last night. To helpem out till i find a real home. Almost 200k donated gold hehe

You must be dual playing PC + Android with lion armor. I am level 358 after >1500 hours. Granted I probably sat in game quite a bit. Even at 500 hours, you would had to have played 16 hours a day two games at a time.

Lol no im retired .
True shot team chewes trough teams quick.
Plus i spent over $300 in thqt month. Got top units quick.
Ps i can play and watch tv at thesame time

Real trick to gaining levels is in Broken Spire under challenges. …
Fortress siege (real easy kill) set difficulty to warlord IV, fight over and over.
EXP adds up quick. Like 10 battles and you gain a level.
Its all in how you play the game !!!

Steam clocks 424 hours for me from the first day of GoW (that’s a year and a half?) and have lvl 310. Never bothering about XP and a big deal of that time just logging in to pick up gold or fiddiing around. Also majority of time spent before the dawn of 2-minute steamroll teams.

Those who start now and managed to develop a few important characters for the fast teams can rise levels at really high rate.

what team are you using?

What are the requirements of your guild, and what are your masteries atm? I’m level 267 with all kingdoms to level 10 and won my current guild 665 trophies last week. I am looking to move up to a more established guild but I want to have a spot in another one before leaving the one I’m in now.

Just seen. You guys have an opening. Im now lvl 353 all my kingdoms are finished. I donate 500+ trophies, and 500k gold
I will leave curent guild when i hear from you guys

Macawi or DEMONorANGEL, whichever one posts an invite code is getting in.

We’re about to have another opening as well, so its really just a matter of who is getting in first.

DEMONORANGEL is my invite code bro

Im free and clear ready to go brother