To the player who lost against my single troop

I have created a new Defend list with no troops at all, please try again. The Alchemist will not be there to stop you.

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Setting no defend team will make your defend team hero with the 4 mana red starting weapon.

Thanks for the info!, I hope that a lone Hero is not too much. I am having a hard time getting my Daily Revenge task done. 5 is ridiculous.

Attack more people, you’ll stay on the revenge stack.

hmm possible person attacking got booted, an error or the like and was auto fail for him.

when you lose to an alchemist

Those Alchemists are tough sons of guns. I lost my tank recently and had the Alchemist in second position tear through the entire opposing squad.

Well, the board control alone is a blast. I distinctly remember a time or 2 when I fought with something-Alch-Banshee-Valk. team, was down to the Valk. while the opp still had 2 troops with spell damage and won. It’s luck of course, without a cycle going you need it to cast Valk. 3 times without opp getting a turn, but it happens sometimes. With Alch AND something else it’s much, much easier.

GemsCollector, That’s interesting! My Soul/Gold Farm Team is a simple Treeant ?spelling?, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee. Sometimes I’ll run then in PvP for variety.

I think my Defend issue might have been collecting the gold from my home kingdom immediately, I let it sit there blinking at me and got my Defends in.

Mk…, You are probably correct that they got disconnected. Its just amusing to think someone lost against a single Alchemist.