To all my M:tG players

When i was still playing M:tG and collecting the cards (i still have them!) many of my friends had a particular card they would collect as many copies of as they could. I did this as well.

The card wasnt necessarily useful or rare just each persons favorite for whatever reason.

Did anyone else do this? If so what card?

Here is mine and i have i think 33 copies!
Image (1)

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HA! You really have even 1 of those?

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Nah, I wish I had, those quite quite valuable…!

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Lol yeah last i looked they were $17,000 for 1 lol

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Some of the odd ball cards we never cared about, like Karakas, spiked in value. I wish I’d have known before the reprint, I’d have parted with the couple I had for $500 each.

I still have some cards, but not many of big value.

In the SW:CCG, I have some crazy amount of Red Leaders. I think it was over 100, but I haven’t counted for a while.

I bought up as many ‘3 Kingdoms’ packs as I could find back in the early 00s. It was a limited release set in Feudal China. It was only released in Asia & Australia, Australia the only country to get them in English. I’ve sold off some of my multiples which fetched over $1,000 (‘Imperial Seal’) and the last ‘Zodiac Dragon’ I sold went for around $500. I’ve still got 6 copies of Zodiac Dragon.

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I believe I have one of these hiding in my collection (I’m not sure as it’s been a while since I looked through all my cards).
I just love the name and art.



I played it way back in the early-mid 90s and don’t want to think about how much money passed through my hands. I tallied some of it up not long ago and it was close to six figures…What really drew me in was a lot of the conceptual artwork. Most of my cards were 4th edition and earlier sets.

Edit: just looked a little bit and had the foresight to hang on to the collection… value would exceed 100k

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Had to go looking online for it as I’d forgotten the name but I found it!
It was a fun staple in my first deck when I started playing again back in 2011 or so. Always fun to bring out a single cost 6/6 flying, lifelink :stuck_out_tongue:

This was one I always wanted, but never managed to get, loved the art on it. It also seemed fun to have all the extra stuff on it:
Image (1)

As long as you had 30 life it would be a 6/6 brudda

Whoops. I can’t do math apparently. Fixed!

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And it was this one…


We had a weird house-rule variation we created (it broke the card-limit per deck rule) called “The Dungeon” where you would fight someone with a deck containing Howling Mines, Lands, and monsters. So started collecting Howling Mines so we could have epic games of that. Eventually we extended it out to 3+ players, and the HMM (Howling Mine Master) could play more than one land per turn. You had to try and win before your deck ran out.

Anyway, I don’t remember the exact number of Howling Mines I had, but it was in the 30-40 range.


We had a similar house rule that everyone started with 4 city of brass in play! Made 4 player games go super fast!


Going off the whole rule variation, we actually had a game mode that combined the roles of the game Bang! (Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw, Renegade) and assigned them to M:tG. I think we gave the Sheriff a double life as well (similar to a base rule from Bang!). Ended up being more popular than just team or FFA matches.

Prodigal Sorcerer, all day. Poke em to death.