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Timer for tributes on the Krystara / Underworld map screen

I would very much like to see a timer on the Krystara / Underworld map screen showing how many minutes are left to collect the next tribute from the kingdoms.
I usually go in every hour to check it out, but often the tribute is not yet available and I need to check back in a few minutes. A timer would help a lot to control my access to the game during the day (since I do all the tasks right at the morning login).


Would be great indeed. Or just have a in-game notification (and not only the native one when the game isn’t open).

Or they could just stack. I don’t see why those of us who are out working for a large chunk of the day should be penalised because we haven’t smuggled our consoles along with us. This is blatant discrimination against the taxpayer :grin::grin:. Other platforms, mobile in particular (and to a lesser extent, PC) are less affected by this ‘hourly tribute’ log in requirement. Console players who don’t work (or perhaps work at home or P/T) can collect significantly more rewards over the course of a working week than folks like me. Something kinda wrong about that.