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Instead of income per hour put Minutes left till next Tribute

I’m sure this has been brought up before but with the new UI we have the “Income per Hour” display (not sure the value of this data at all for me it’s zero) can we instead put in a display for how many minutes are left before “Tribute” can be collected again. To me and I’m sure many others this would be information we would all rather see



Yes, that would be very helpful. Would love to be able to see time remaining on tribute.

Current meta is to set an annoying alarm to ring every hour. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or keep it open in the background on your work station and keep checking like you got OCD.


Heh I actually use the timer on my iPhone to collect tributes during the workweek - open app, collect tribute and reset timer within 10 sec. I collect enough gems each day to pay for the daily Gem Bounty and then some :wink:

Meanwhile over in console land…I don’t know for definite but I’m pretty sure work wouldn’t be happy if I dragged a ps4 and telly in to collect tributes every hour!


That would be a lot better. The current info of “income per hour” is pretty much useless information.


That doesn’t mean you CAN’T though… so…

:tv: + :video_game: = :moneybag:


I still think console tributes should be improved. Either by increasing the chances of higher numbers or stacking a maximum of six.


YES! A tribute countdown would be great!

+1 to this. Agree the current income per hour stat is useless…