Onscreen timer for gnome-a-palooza

An onscreen timer would very handy for the event.


Judging by a quick forum search on that topic, seemingly noone had that great idea posted before.
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Yes fucking please.

I keep an eye on the time on my computer and know when the 15m is up but on-screen would be so much better.

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I have seen this request before and, if you think they give a shit about making life easier for us, you’re deluded (see lack of in-game info for world event scoring).


This was my very first piece of feedback after playing GaPs for the first time in beta testing. The whole beta team reiterated it before release. The devs are aware it’s a request, it’s just nowhere near a priority for them.


Feel like this kind of falls in the same bucket as tribute timer. Such reminders would make it easier for the players to maximize rewards. Whether it’s knowing exactly when to collect tributes or knowing when it’s safe to just hold a dragonite or cursed gnome during a GaP, it isn’t just a non-priority, it’s a nope, period.

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Tribute notifications work pretty reliably though? I’m pretty sure they still pop up within a minute of tribute refreshing.

No such thing for console players. Notifications don’t work, in any way, on XBox