Timer to next / full tribute


Let’s kill 2 birds with one stone :

First, a question : we used to be able to collect gold from our Kingdoms every hour. Now, I don’t know. Every hour and a half? Every two hours maybe? I don’t know, I couldn’t be active enough to see for myself today.

Onto my evident feature request : could we have a timer showing how much time left until the next time we can collect our gold. Once the timer is up, it could be replaced with another timer showing how much time is left until the gold to be collected is maxed out.



I agree about timer, and it’s still every hour to collect, but a timer would be nice anyway.

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Hmmmm, strange, I woke up before my alarm (7h30) this morning, updated the game and collected my gold. I checked again once at work, a little bit before 9h and I had no gold to collect :o

I can guarantee you that’s a 1 hour period in between tributes :slight_smile:

Ok, well, I don’t know what happened then !
Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I totally agree. One more thing: this update reworked the world map in a very nice way :slight_smile: but it made the Home Kingdom marker very easy to miss (at least for me). Such a timer would serve an additional purpose of making it more distinct.

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In that regard, I’d love to be able to zoom out to see the entire map. I only have high resolution monitors and this game doesn’t make great use of them in the world map… elsewhere, everything looks great!

EDIT to add: I don’t like panning the map at all… it feels like… wasted effort?

But you can zoom out?

Zooming out still only shows like 1/4 of the map. Panning on high resolution takes too many swipes.

Oh lord I just noticed your forum name ::joy:
It shows me about 4/5 of the map when I zoom out, don’t know why are you getting so little view. .

Actually, I didn’t mean for it to be on the Home kingdom, but rather on the interface.
Sure it would make sense on the Home Kingdom, but I wish it could be seen from everywhere. For example, say my home Kingdom is in Sword’s Edge, but I have to farm Khetar for a specific traitstone. I would need to pan to the other side of the map to see the timer.

Besides, it could even be displayed when you are not on the world map : when farming PvP for example, you easily loose any time notion, but you would still stop and go collect your gold if you were noticed that your Kingdoms’ gold has been collected :slight_smile:

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:confused: … It may be a bit more than 1/4, could give you a better idea if I could log in. :frowning:

Okay, logged in. So, somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2. It takes 2 pans to go from Blighted Lands to Maugrim Woods; the problem is the camera wants to center on the kingdom you click on. If it didn’t, it’d probably be 1 pan to anywhere. Regardless, I’d prefer 0 pans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshots reduced to 1/4 resolution:

nice thing is you dont lose anything by waiting 15 min. The minimum time for collection is 1 hour, but it seams to be that every portional there after also adds. so your “1 hr” starts over at a different time but you didnt lose the difference between the two :slight_smile:
(unless you were attacked that is)

It’s nice you don’t lose anything, yet I do always wonder, “How much time did my 1hr slip this time?” :slight_smile:

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