Tickets and login rewords

Gameskipped me in log in rewords despite me being logged in all day that day and now I’m here because the game won’t file a complaint or send a ticket about it. It erases it when I send every time. How could anyone play this game? It’s designed to screw the player over purposely. That’s why it’s competitions aren’t allowed in some places. It is not RNG

I’ll save you the effort,you won’t get compensation for that.

Hey @Sleepymouse125 sorry you’re having these issues!

You’ll need to create an account on our Help Center to submit your ticket, you should have received an email about it when you tried to submit your ticket.

Please try doing that and we’ll be happy to check your account to see what went wrong.

I’m not trying a fourth time. I already deleted the game

Sorry to hear that, I’ve replied in your other thread now, so I’ll stop posting here.