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No game access since last wednesday 25th

Hello i have no access to the game since wednesday why am i redirected to the forum and how is this not a technical issue come on adress my issue asap please i can make a million gold and 1000 trophies a day im missing out on stuff now

So whats a bug whats a technical issue neither are being accepted as a ticket wow

Not even support knows, buddy. A disturbing number of tickets are people who filed a ticket, were told to come to the forums, then come here and are told they didn’t file their ticket right.

From what I gather, there’s an auto-rejection system that, like online job interviews, sends you here if you don’t fill out the form just right. To the devs, it seems like it’s really easy to figure out how to do it right because they wrote the rules. It seems like players aren’t so good at figuring it out.

Well im Dutch so thats problem one two is why put a bug issue there if ur not going to help someone with that 3 then i got with technical issue then it replies we are for technical issues go ask the forum so i dunno whats up but it aint good My top ten guild is starting to get agitated too now so im not happy at the moment

What message is it giving you when you try to boot up Gems?

An error code but im not going to discuss this on the forum thanks tho im being sent to the forum by the zendesk but its not funny at all been playing this game quite a while now its like they dont take the game very serious

Try uninstalling and reinstalling, maybe? There are times where that’s beneficial.

Tried everything bro empty cache hard reset uitstalling reset modem rubber mallet vodka nothing ill just have to wait and never ever try guildwar for fun and loot no more lol

Dang Thunder, you and I’ve been talking about this issue since I’ve posted, both in Support and in Bugs, and the Support has been getting the attention. I don’t play as much as you, but a bunch as well. Starting to get irritated as well. I was semi hoping that you would find that magical fix and then would let me know. I think you’re on to something with the rubber mallet and vodka. I’ll try the mini sledge and beer tonight. I’ll keep “updating” my posts and yours so at least they don’t get buried.

Yeah worst is the support keepster rekening my tickets as we dont do bugs and then we arent for technical issues were just named technical support lol

Rejecting is what i meant dam phone lol

I couldn’t get into game after GW Day 6 reset. Support contacted me asking me to try deleting cloud saved data. Unfortunately, this did not work either.

Ok i have not been contacted yet fingers crossed it sorts itself tomorrow op have sacrificed a gnome on your behalf

Well im back in that was nt a fun week not being able to run my guild but im back :grinning:

concratulations nice to hear
you dont know me

But i do u are Gerry nice to not meet you

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I’m back in too!

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Congrats me too now go get me some gold n trophies erm oh ur not im my guild

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