This week's experiment: What's it like to be a beginner in 1.0.8

There were quite a few posts from beginners looking for advice on how to progress on 1.0.8, that I wanted to see how different it is than 1.0.6 when I began. So I installed Steam, and figured I’d see. I tried to play this as if being new to the game. Here are some of my opinions.


  1. With traitstones dropping from Keys, and getting troops options early was really frustrating. I’d earn a couple keys, and get a traitstone. This really blocked troop options.

  2. Finally get a Gem key, only to get a Runic Traitstone! Ouch that hurt.

  3. With fewer troops coming in, and wanting to hold on to some for ascension, Souls became very tight. A few hundred souls spent on a sub-par troop, felt really limiting.

  4. There seem to be so many places to spend your gold as a beginner, that spending choices that help progression can be confusing.

  5. PvP can seem impossible, but winning even a few matches gives you a major boost with the incoming glory.

The Good:

  1. Unlocking a trait on a common troop felt like a nice boost.
  2. Treasure Maps are super awesome when beginning. Even getting the 80 souls from a vault felt like a win!
  3. It still is free to play.
  4. Arena still seemed good. I did feel like there should be a minor glory gain from it. Like 1 glory per win, since glory is such a new major currency, and beginner may struggle with general PvP.

The game feels a bit overwhelming with all the new demands on gold. Traitstones in chests, very early in the game (<Level 25), can be discouraging. The story and ramp up in challenge is still good.

I want to keep playing this beginner account to see how bad the wall of traits is at level 50.


Interesting experiment!

I was thinking about thus in the shower the other day. I would just keep troops I was going to immediately play in pvp and disenchant rest for souls. Once you get rolling in pvp you can meet good guild requirements and start getting keys and all the other benefits.

The hero is also sub-100s strongest card so I imagine this experience will be completely different than 1.0.9 when the changes to heroes come

Do you do alot of thinking in the shower. With the gold update tomorrow i want to find out if some of your frustrations will wain or get worse. Also my guild is always open in case anyone wants to join it as a “first time” guild. It carries one requirement and that is a lenient login daily thing. I meant it for lower level people to get a mana bonus off of and random gem drop and glory key drop. I know people who join the guild might like the keys dropped on them randomly.

Good thinking… seems traitstones are useless to new starters and a waste of desperately needed troops?

How about an idea: scale chance of traitstones in chests based on hero level, so:

level 1-25: 0% chance
level 26-50: 50% of current chance
level 50-100: 75% of current chance
over level 100: current chance

Thoughts on that @Sirrian @Nimhain?


Well you forgot the epics one get when doing all the quests in each kingdoms. Many of them is very nice for a starter. :slightly_smiling:

Week 2: Level 40.

So my thoughts on week 2 of my experiment are:

  1. Gold costs going to 0 freed up so many resources. No more trying to balance guild contributions, kingdom unlocks, and kingdom advancement with if I need to save gold to play a few challenges.

  2. Is there a tutorial for new players on Kingdom and troop bonuses? In PvP, I run into teams with no synergy, 75% of matches. Or I run into perfect teams 25%, which I assume to be experienced players. I may have just forgotten if I saw a tutorial or mention of team bonuses as part of the “new player” experiment.

  3. It feels like there should be some where new players can see what weapon unlocks are up next, so they have a bit of a guide on where they may want to level their masteries.

  4. Allowing troops to be leveled past 10 or 15 before hitting level 50 feels weird.

I hope to hit level 50 on it this next week to see how bad the “Trait Wall” on challenges is.


.3. I used this guide all the time when starting out. It’s actually why I decided to focus purple first.

I too did purple first. Every time I have ever leveled I did purple. Now my purple mana is over 100 higher than any other. xD

Purple weapons are still the best.

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