Is it me...1.08 and tedium

Is it me or is the game tedious now. I’ve been playing since it came out on Steam, have it on my phone/pc, play daily and now I feel like there’s no advancement or it takes such an insane amount of time its irritating. I have put a few thousand gems into acquiring keys and such since the change and I cannot get the stones I need to update my core team traits (I know I can fight a few thousand challenges or whatever to get them, no thanks). I like traits, but I do not like the tedium of getting them. I’ve spent my share on the game since I started and admit I’ve slowed down considerably, in my opinion the prices aren’t worth what you receive. I do like the subscription package and I would probably purchase regularly, but the others don’t even get a glance from me. There is also the fact of the gem nerfs, it was really irritating to push to get all those rewards and watch them disappear.

I think the developers should do a stone upgrade system, similar to troops or even trading colors to get what you want, it would make the game flow much nicer. Even if it was a two for 1 scenario or something similar it would allow a player to update the troops they wanted to.

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You’re not alone.

I do believe we will see some adjustments over the next couple weeks. Or, I feel the need to believe that there will be some better way to earn traitstones, and to target specific ones.

you can target traitstones, do challenges in the level the traitstones you want comrs from. The requirements are very high so it doesn’t help the tedium all that much, but it dies help a little.

Yes, arcane stones are ridiculously rare. And the system is opposite to anything else, where upgrades of better tear things are the cheaper.

OTOH traits are only nice to have, you can just ignore them and play like before. Though if you measure things in “progression”, especially in number of traits you got, it may be really not for you now.

OTTH it did not became tedious recently, it is like that for over half a year.

As rare stones are sold through premium currency packs (and we just observed major cutback on that too) I seriously doubt we’ll get ability to buy them with more common stones. At least before they become obsolete stuff.

We might get a slight up in the drop rate.

Traits are not just nice to have… To OCD’d people like me it’s like crak!

@MrSammy, you are going to have to change your profile status. “I own everything!” is something no one can say for a long time. xD

I know, but… It’s so hard to admit!
I haven’t even raised all my troop to max level!

I blame my other occupations: job, wife and kids!
What should I do? Quit my job, divorce or disavow my kids?

I face the same dilemmas… I’m starting by training the kids to play GoW for me…

I feel that any one of the three would lead to at least one more of the three.
Why not remove the decision and just go whole hog. All three!

when you hear a level 1000 say that and then you are under level 100 and waiting to trait the last of your core teams.

I am level 800ish and have not yet been able to fully trait my old preferred ‘core’ teams - I have started to get traits onto most commons and rares but am still a long way from traiting the troops I’d really like to use.

Also the meta-game has moved, with the generically huge stat gains meaning it’s only about skull damage, and skull damage is only about Skeletons which are under-costed and over-powered. So I am maximising efficiency by using a TrueShot/Skeleton team just like EVERYONE else. Sigh…


im not everyone. i use serpent and valk and enjoy the DODGE mechanic. Someone add picallo yelling dodge here.

I don’t use the Skeleton team either. It’s all monster power baby!