This game could be fun

I would pay 19.99 for this game. I wish people would realize how expensive “free to play” games like this are. To play this game effectively you need gold, diamonds and keys. I cannot level any of my guys anymore. I could play for hours to get enough souls to level one guy once past 10. There are packages that cost 100$ to play this game? What would you say if it cost 69.99 for MGS V? A full actual real game? There would be outrage! For just 10$. I actually paid for a 24.99 bundle on PSN based just on the Puzzle Quest credibility. What a mistake. Matchmaking has me going up against players 8-12 levels higher than me. Why does my character get better when I level up? LEVEL UP!! is screamed at me and then you show my stats that stay…the same. Pointless.

I’m sorry you are having such a rough go of it man, this game really is great, and it is far and away one of the best f2p models out there. It’s do good in fact I’m sure the team is not making as much as they should be for the quality of the product.

Back when the game launched I spent probably close to 50$ on it to get keys, which I learned was not the way to go. It got me 3 legendary units, 2 of which were the same.

I eventually joined a high ranking guild and got every card in the game for free. It’s all totally doable with no money investment. I’m not even as active a player as many, I’ve played since launch and am only in my 280s. Don’t give up, just keep playing and having fun. Don’t worry so much about levels either. I frequently challenge and best people hundreds of levels above me and even at max level.

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It’s very tempting to pay money early on, true. I’m actually level 210 or so without spending a dime.

I may not have many legends (only 2), but I don’t really need them to beat someone nearly 800 levels higher than me. (Level 1000 is the max, I don’t even need my hero to win.)

This game is only as p2w as you choose to spend on it. Patience is how you get further without spending, and I’m honestly shocked each and every day how amazing this business model is. I’ve got over 400 hours and steadily increasing by the day, still yet to get bored.

I’m not going to say “Don’t spend money!” as the game does need income to survive, but I will say it’s not required to have fun. The game may just not be for you, but I will make mention that you will be missing out if you drop it altogether.


Sorry but i’m not agree with you.
I’m level 641 now, and i play free (sorry developers i don’t contribute in money - hope my participation in forum compense a bit this fact)
Play free or paid , everyone is free to choose
This is a “free to play” and not a “pay to win”


Pretty much what everyone have said. Right now i’m part of the top guild, level 416 and I’ve only spend about 10 bucks on it back when I was around level 50. I actually realized how much I liked the game so I decided to give their developers something back. Also, I Obviusly wanted some Legendaries which I got 2 of them and I did really push my game a lot. ^^

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Yep, one of the few “free to play” games that actually means it !!

I mooched for my first 100 levels, not a single dime spent … but then I realised that I really enjoy the simplicity and complexity of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I have (and continue to) enjoy the game, I now buy one of the $50 packs (something like 40 keys, 30k gold, a legend and a weapon) every two months (I am happy to support the developers @ $25 per month)! But that is purely by choice and purely because I kept enjoying the game :wink:


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Not many people realize how important a good guild is to start out. If you join a fast-pace guild, the rewards from guild tasks can be extremely helpful. So you might want to scout around the forum for those top 100 guilds. Some of them may have tough requirements, but many are actually very lax.

I would totally accept a level 15 guy here on Match Masters if he can give the guild 250-300 trophies a week, we little care about the gold, nobody in our guild actually need it.

Yeah without joining a high level guild it will be slow going. Try and find an active guild and you’ll get tons of free keys gems and treasure maps. Fights will be easier with a guilds mastery bonuses.

Focus on just playing arena and doing quest lines. Arena is a great way to earn souls. Save gems to buy armour.

Post patch guild donations have dropped but it’s still a lot of free stuff.