Why Should I or ANYONE Support this Game Financially

I just spend the last 1 hour 25 minutes doing Tier 3 Battles in PvP. I have now been required by the MAKERS to play 52 Battles to reach Tier 1. That everybody, is DOUBLE the BATTLES than any of us higher leveled players needed to play before to reach the same tier & I did notice that better than 85% of those battles were under 40 points. You have effectively STOPPED me from being able to play this game within the time I do have to spend playing. You have forced me to realize I will be QUITTING my Guild after this Guild Wars. It does me absolutely no good to be in a Top Guild any longer when YOU MAKERS of this game keep purposefully targeting & making the game way more time consuming & way less fun for US Leveled Players, WHO I might add Support You Financially with REAL CASH $$$$ Money. This is coming from a Hero Level 1411 & a VIP Level 17.

What Monkey with a Football is in your Main Office making such STUPID decisions? Fire The Poor Bast**d.

Make the Tier Battles a Set Point System For EVERYBODY. Stop taking away from US Higher Leveled Players. You now make it impossible to play PvP with any real advancement & with the limited points you effectively stop US Players from being able to Farm Gold Effectively even if we Get our Gold Bonus of 305%. I am sure there are those players out there that are going TRY & defend THE MAKERS, but I for 1 am sick & tired of being hurt & required to play more for less & You Makers still want me to spend the money to support you. Why You keep taking away all I worked for & payed for throughout the Years. This is NOT FAIR nor is it FUN any longer. I hope people wise up & stop spending ANY MONEY until you MAKE if Fair & Even across the board. New Players will just have to play more & work harder to become Stronger, but stop doing it by Hurting Those of US who have played hard & gotten stronger & have Spent Real Money to support this endeavor.

Enough is Enough…


Kinda funny when you say “they forced you” to play


LoL… Thanks Rick…

We can snark and joke but there’s a core good argument here.

The endgamers now have to work visibly harder to get the same rewards as everyone else. PvP is a thing I always do anyway, but the rush to Rank 1 on Monday is something I see as a chore. Now I have to do more chores.

This is a big issue and people have been complaining about it for more than a year. I’ve been looking at the “old weapons” problem but I think I’m going to be selfish and beat this drum a while.

I don’t want to work harder to get less just because I’ve been here.


Ehh. Maybe you could try going for 3 trophy matches instead of 1 trophy matches? That would speed a lot…

Took me 30 minutes to reach tier 1. Counting the 8 lost matches as well, of course.

Oh look sarcasm… I play only Tier 3 battles… now what?


And what level may you be? I’m coming upto 1400 and also need a lot more battles this week to reach tier one. Also guild statues and bonus from everywhere (kingdom stars, guild bonus, delves) seem to be playing a part in who does/doesn’t get less points than before.

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OK, that’s great, but this is exactly what I’m talking about here.

Not every player gets the same number of PvP points per match. You fought in 28, right? That put you at 2,370 points, right? You lost about 8, which is usually about 6-7 points knocked off, right? And we all start with I think 600 points?

2370 points - 600 points = 1770 points earned
1770 points / 28 wins = 63.2 points per win

Or, if I account for 8 losses assuming -7 points per loss, that’s more like 61 points.

Now let me show you my PvP rewards:

My game only gives me 50 points for winning a 3t match. You get 60. If I managed to go 28-0, instead of 2370, I’d have fewer points:

28 * 50 points = 1,400 + 600 = 2,000 points.

So you’re well past tier 1 with 8 losses, I have to fight as many matches as you with no losses just to barely reach it.

Now imagine we’re competing on the leaderboards, and you keep getting 10 more points per win than I do. Do you think that sounds reasonable? Well, of course you do, you win easier that way. But imagine if I got 10 more points than you. Does that sound as fair?

I’ve seen screenshots of people averaging well above even your rate, I’m not going dig those up but AWRyan’s been pretty good at showing evidence.

The sad thing is, you’re headed there too. Sometime in the near future, you’ll also be unable to get much more than 50 points per PvP match. It’s also affecting the gold you receive as a reward, so indirectly the more experienced your guild gets the harder you have to work to get the same number of LTs.

I appreciate your attempt to call me a newbie who’s playing easy mode, but if you are holding some secret way to get 60+ PvP points from a 3-trophy match I’d like to hear it. I don’t see more than about 53 very often.

I’m also good at math, so if I were planning on doing 1t matches I’d be arguing I need to play more than 100 to get there. That’s not the argument I made, is it?


31-45 points is the norm for me now. Majority being 31-36 per 3T :unamused:


30 minutes??? Roughly 36/3 trophy matches, the majority of them probably against half decent hero meta with annoying talents…30 minutes???
Including load times??? Lol
I know it’s hard for some of us to actually admit how much time we spend playing the game, but I just wish people were a tad more honest about these “times”…

I don’t doubt that timing. At one point when Divines were at their worst I could finish a PvP match in about an average of 45 seconds.

I still have a team that’s probably under a minute, but I find a slower team to be a bit more consistent. I use that for my PvP ascent because losing a match really hurts PvP points/unit time.

Odds are the losses were over much faster than 1 minute. A lot of times I know I can’t beat a team if it gets a certain advantage, and I retreat as soon as it gets it.

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I remember those times as well, but that was before the vast expansion, discovery, exploitation of the classes and talent trees. Defensive set ups are alot more challenging than they use to be…

Last week I was chatting with a member of my former guild who was level on LB with me and is within same level bracket. My old guild had I think completed 3/4 guild tasks whereas the new guild had completed all and some LT.

He had played 200+ less battles than me and had a higher score. I had played 700 or so battles, 99% T3 - lost about 12 and he had lost over 50 or so, won about 430. The net difference was over 250. My defence had also won 60% of games, compared to 30%.

It’s no wonder people are getting wound up. I’m getting 31 points for T3. With all the added grief of summons and stupid griefing troops it’s just daft.


How many of us just opt to retreat from battle than waste the time? I say The Dev’s give us a Button that allow us to click on, that effects their Stats or Honor by subtracting from those we dislike & don’t want to play!


I’ll often retreat if I’ve assessed that I cannot win the match. I wish the AI would do the same sometimes. I yield! I surrender! :wink:

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Level 1065…
Getting between 58 and 65 points/3 trophy match, depending on the opponent team.

On the plus side, im getting lots more gold for battles than before.

I roll skeleton key team. Average match is over in 6 turns. Or rather 6 moves.

If i get a **** bad board…well there’s 8 losses too lol.
And yea those 8 losses were over in like 10 seconds (vs taipan/yaoguai on steroids, or vs rope darts with perfect rng)

What is the point/trophy based on actually, in that case? It has to be some system like the gw score system, after all.

You get 5x points vs a 12k power team. I guess your attack team is roughly same power?
What happens if you switch to a lower power team? I’ve noticed i get around 55 points vs a 10k team (like mine), while i can get 65+ points vs a 13k power team.

Does the average attack team power influence the points?

IF it’s based on team power vs team power, I can understand the gap in points, as lowrer power vs higher power (should) give more than same power vs same power.

On the 1-2 trophy matches, I do get roughly same points as you do (judging of the screenshot). Just the 3 trophy is different.

It’s not documented, but we know the intent is that you should get more PvP points if you fight a “stronger” opponent. It’s been documented as a “tough luck” scenario that as you yourself get stronger, everyone else gets weaker in relation to you, so endgamers get fewer points.

What I think we’re seeing in situations like this post (and the larger thread):

Is that player level and guild statue completion seem to have a really large impact. I can’t find the specific thread right now but AWR is suggesting a guild should NOT complete all statues until towards the end of the week to maximize PvP score. IIRC several people responded to this with, “Well, duh”.

Found it: PSA - It's better to complete all tasks (LT) every other week thanks to 4.3

Completing statues made a 40 point difference per match. Imagine trying to keep up with a leaderboard player making 2x your score. The stat differences there do NOT represent that much challenge differential.

It doesn’t sound like a good or intuitive system to me.

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