Why Should I or ANYONE Support this Game Financially

That could be easily tested, at least the guild statue thing.
Simply quit the guild, see if pvp rewards change, rejoin the guild, see if something change.

If not, than the issue is not there.

What happens if you try pvping a while with a weaker team (regarding the power), while having same statue levels?
Any difference in the points/trophy?

Do monday’s first pvp points change from before statues finished to after finished? If it’s depending on the statues, early after reset on mondays, before people start dropping gold, you should have same point range as me (as there’s no really huge stat difference because of levels alone between 1000 and 1400).

Something that is also striking is that, if it would be done on purpose, it should affect the 1 and 2 trophy matches too.
Unless there’s 2 or 3 different software systems coded simultaneously and in paralel behind the scenes (one for 1&2 trophy matches, and another for 3 trophy matches)…

Do same level range players, from same guild, that started at different times, get same point ranges? Like 2 level 14xx player from same guild, one started 3 years ago, another started 2 years ago, do they get same range per 3 trophy match?

Well no… I’m not…
I’m suggesting that guilds only complete statues, completely every other week. The bonus stats from statues lasts for 7 days no matter what.
It would be a lot of trouble to remedy an issue that we shouldn’t even have to remedy.


I think the point is he did test it because he has multiple guilds at his disposal, but he can fill in those blanks.

(And yes, it feels weird to be putting more faith in AWR than the devs here but my trust is based on “How many times have I been lied to by this person in recent history?” and at this point I expect the devs to tell me America is full.)

Just to hammer it home, I made sure to reach roughly the same amount of points as you tonight. Note I lost 6 fewer battles, but had to win 10 more. All 3T, there’s nothing particularly worth skipping these days, it’s faster to give it a whirl and retreat if it goes bonkers.

I see a range of points varying from 30 to about 68, but I’m clearly averaging fewer points per match than you. So at the end of the day, if we were vying for PvP rank, you have easy mode. You probably get more gold than me too, so you probably see a few more LTs per month for the same efforts.

I’d argue we’re probably facing similar opponents, so it seems unfair to me.

This is why some people who reign in the Xbox pvp leaderboard go guildless or start a new guild every few months. I’m @ level 1320, and a returning player. I joined a guild getting absolutely nothing done to watch the ban gem exploit drama unfold in chat. Figured i would play PvP while things developed. Next thing i know, I’m looking for a decent top 50 guild. PvP points in guild 1, 60-70+ per match. PvP points in guild 2 31-54. Same opponents, same offense. The more invested you are and your guild is, the less you earn at face value/ unit of time.

Throttling people who have bonuses to create a 0 gain from said bonuses is a thing in this game. The only balancing going on in all of this is balancing your armor/vip/ring of wonder bonuses against the developer and publisher’s pocket.

Funny, there seems to have been a real effort to reduce gold income and divert away from LTs ever since 100 million gold was dropped by one player all at once, reaching the then-secret mailbox cap. I do think it was a wake-up for the devs about just how rewarding the gamewas for top tier players, and i don’t think it was a coincidence.

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I wont support this game anymore because they still do weekly treasure map events and that makes me mad. I think its done on purpose . Thats all

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This sounds bad. Have the devs given feedback about this or is this being ignored?

The devs maintain that treasure maps are popular with some, and I am sure that is the case, albeit for a significant minority. For the rest of us, there is little or no participation in treasure map events. Which of course means we are prepared to sacrifice the event rewards in order to preserve our sanity, and that means a shortfall against other events of 100 gems or so. Ping…special offer! 100 gems for £3.99 or whatever. Of course devs will keep treasure map event, its a potential money spinner. Same as increased cost for glory troop. Less spare glory to buy keys for the monthly mythic after all your saved keys have been rapidly spent following the LT/gold nerfs of late. Devs are waging a war on your resources in the unashamed pursuit of your dollar despite the blatant truth that the game becomes more and more broken every time they attempt to change something. Don’t encourage them…keep your money until they get the message


Please make your own thread about how you don’t like treasure maps instead of talking about that inside a thread about PvP scoring, it helps keep things tidy!

Yes, it is on purpose. It’s why it keeps happening. There are actually people in this game that enjoy maps. It sounds like you may want to look into a higher level guild if you are getting this upset about the weekly rewards. They are nice and all but a good guild pooling resources is where it’s at. For both events and resources.

Also going back on topic don’t bother with pvp scoring. Rewards aren’t worth the effort and there are better ways to farm trophies for your guild.

I made a post in regards to the title which says nothing about pvp so get over it .I will post when and where I want too.

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Nice. Let’s just go straight to hostile so we can all get over it and be needlessly angry at each other. #hiss #catscratch

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You’ve described why you don’t want to support the game. Anyone else is free to support the game for whatever reasons they enjoy the game, top tier PVP is not the whole of the game and even if the methodology for point scoring isn’t particularly fair in that you play an amount more to achieve the same result it’s not game breaking, it’s a little frustrating.

Suggesting that no one should support the game financially because you have a problem with a singular aspect of the game is the worst kind of whining. You and anyone else who feels this is a big problem can certainly discuss it, bring it to the attention of the devs and between you stop paying for stuff. Insulting people who make the game and UPPER CASING how important YOU are the game for YOUR opinion doesn;t make your point more valid or more applicable to anyone else in the game.

So no, top tier PVP is of no interest to me. I’ll get to tier one whenever I can be bothered to get to tier 1 during a week and this issue will never bother me in the slightest because I don’t play the game to beat other people, I play it because it’s fun. If I spot something I want to spend money on I will, if something in the game doesn’t work for me I’ll not bother with it and see if other people do the same which ultimately will be far more effective than complaining here in this manner. I hope you wise up and stop seeing YOUR game experience as being the only experience in the game. End Game players are no more important than anyone else.


Amen to this!

I don’t know exactly what I want to say, but I think this kind of thread is the least productive we have right now.

It’s OK to be angry at GoW. It’s OK to play the game without paying, and it’s OK to explain why you’ve stopped paying if you’d normally pay regularly. I’m not saying a thread like this should be moderated. But I think they should be posted and discussed in moderation.

This thread is unfocused. If it had one particular game mechanic behind it, I’ve forgotten what that mechanic is. So like, what do the devs change to fix this thread? If they can’t figure that out, how do they change it so the thread goes away?

Even in great games, there are people who are angry about something. I haven’t played a game in 30 years that didn’t have at least one thread on a forum somewhere with a dogpile on its flaws. So a catch-all “the game is bad” thread never dies. It just updates itself to reflect whatever the current batch of problems are.

So I think priorities when posting should be to ask yourself if there is a thing about the game that could change and make you happy. Really search your soul.

If not, quit. Go find a game that makes you happy. Don’t fall prey to sunken costs. You don’t own anything in GoW, it’s going to be deleted when the game eventually dies. If your GoW friends don’t hang out with you post-GoW, they weren’t friends. Besides, you’ll make new friends.

If so, find threads about that thing and post in them. If there aren’t threads, make one. Make sure it’s really clear in the thread that the thing you want changed needs to be changed. Make sure there’s actually a reasonable suggestion for how it could be changed.

But try to avoid threads that are just “let’s collect as many angry people as possible and overall gripe about being mad”. They’re tempting and hard to avoid. Something about our brains draws us to them. But like a lot of things our survival instincts promote, they aren’t the best use of our time. Part of what makes humans great is the supposed ability to overcome instinct and make actual good decisions!


I get 70 points per pvp match.

Not because i’m a newbie (i’ve been here for at least 3 years).
But because the guild i’m in is currently a lower level (and do less statues) than other guilds i’ve been in, i get more points.