[Not a Bug] Ranked PvP Score/Gold

Correct, however it’s not that they don’t do LTs, it’s that their Guild Statues are lower level.

Here’s an article about team score:

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I appreciate the quick response. But huh? Lol
My guild was 5 months old when we started doing legendary tasks. Within a month we noticed a nerf in the amount of gold we could get from Legendary tasks.
Our guild statues couldn’t of been more than level 50-100 at the time. Because they take forever to level up.
I’ve even heard of guilds not doing LT for a week, so the following week they could make more gold from PvP.
I guess I have no real argument when the dev is telling me it’s 100% based on team score. But honestly… That goes against everything I’ve ever seen and heard before.

I had to dig through a DM for a half hour while Ant Man and the Wasp is on pause. So I hope it wasn’t done in vain.
At this time I had been playing for about 8 months.
Considering my match ups I must of been about level 550-600 at the time. No where near having all my kingdoms at Max power.

To now, been playing 27 months now. Currently level 1400 with all the kingdom and Faction max stats.
Not much has changed right?
Cause despite the guild statues being easily 100 degrees of difference. The only constant between the 2 SS is my guild doing legendary tasks.
The reason the first images even exist is because I was having a conversation with a guild member about how our guild gold was nerfed. She even submitted a ticket at the time. The only response she ever got was “we will look into it.”.
Not to be a smart ass, but pretty much to same response that you gave to me tonight. She also received 17 months ago. @Kafka or @Cyrup
I realize this was before both your time. But nonetheless an issue that has always seemed unfair…
My guild statues are still no where near the cap of 200.

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Sure it’s LT and not normal tasks? Like Kafka said the bigger the difference in power score the more rewards you get and when guilds complete tasks and get the stat bonuses your team score goes up.

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Semantics…but sure… All tasks complete.
But between then and now, I have way more Attack, Life, Armor, and Magic than I did back then.

My team score was a lot lower back then.

That’s not 100% correct. Sure most battles get easier but Yao Guai/Tai-Pan can destroy anything no matter what your level and bonuses are. Dragon’s Eye can make any battle last 10+ minutes. Just because I have more stats doesn’t mean the game is easier now. I feel like the game is harder now than when I was lower level. I have a 772 winstreak from when I was around level 500 and now at almost level 1300 I can barely get a 100+ winstreak.

I have spent hundreds of hours grinding to get all my troops traited and levelled and the fact that I get less gold and PvP points than someone that has been playing casually for a few weeks or is just guildless feels like I am being punished.

31 points for a 3 trophy sucks. I know he was half my level but if I was going for the leaderboard I would have to waste time on this while guildless level 1k people are getting 70 points.

Well I don’t think it’s working cause I have NEVER had more than 52 PvP points while being in a guild that completes all tasks. A few weeks ago my second account was guildless and I was getiing 70 PvP points for most 3 trophy battles but as soon as I got it in a guild that completes all tasks I have not have more than 52 points.

It’s old and broken. It’s punishing people that are putting in the time and effort to get our kingdom stars at. The whole PvP system needs a complete rework.

Makes it worse IMO. Our guilds that do a decent amount of LT don’t suffer too bad but some guilds are really putting in time and effort just to complete the basic tasks and they are getting punished for it.

I’m just saying if a guild completes all tasks. I’m hoping they do as least 1 LT as a bonus for the great work they did.

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@Maxx I know I was oversimplifying re: it being easier to beat opponents at higher levels, without writing an essay length description basically the idea is that at endgame level you have more resources and Troops available so it’s “easier” to build a Team to counter those Troops compared to someone newer to the game.

I’ve moved this thread to the Feedback section so you can continue discussing.

I would definitely like to see a rework on pvp points and reward system, even a flat rate of x points and x gold for 1 2 and 3t would seem to make more sense than current system. It really seems messed up when a player wins hundreds more matches than another yet ends up ranked below them

I asked around for some members of my various guilds to show me what they are getting for PvP gold wise.
Basically what I’m seeing is…
End gamers level 1300+ (max stars on all kingdoms) that are in guilds that don’t complete all the tasks get a base of 2k gold for 3 trophy matches.
I have a member in AWR that’s level 1k+ but his Kingdoms are not all max starred. He is still able to get 2k+ gold for 3 trophy matches.
So basically…
End gamers who have max stats and are in a LT guild are punished by being able to gain half amount of gold they are able to make in PvP compared to others.

Where I feel this is the biggest issue is Factions.
The hoard quality cost the same amount for everyone regardless of level.
And basically, by raising my renown to get extra stats that matter little to none in actual battles. I am only furthering my inability to generate gold in Ranked PvP.
I would gladly give back at least 20 life and 20 armor in exchange for 2k base gold in PvP that I haven’t been able to get since I was level 400-500. :roll_eyes:

They looked into it… And made it worse. It’s going take end gamers who complete all tasks, twice as long to get to tier 1 each week. Now making it almost impossible for at least 30% of the players in the game to ever have a chance at getting #1 in PvP.

Why in the world did you “the devs” mess with team scores unless you are trying to get to your old players to quit the game.

This is seriously ridiculous… When I read changes to PvP, I, like a dumbass, thought there was going to be a positive solution to the inbalance. Instead we got the opposite.
I don’t want to do double the matches that I did a week ago to make the same same amount of gold now.
I play GoW too much as it is.
I’ve honestly never seriously considered quitting the game until now.
You don’t fix what’s broken.
You make minor annoyances, major ones.

@Sirrian and @Nimhain
Want to improve GoW’s image and social media representation?
Have a game where your veterans are rewarded for hours spent playing. Rather than slowly, but surely, pushing them out the door while thanking them for their patronage.
Good word of mouth is much more profitable than any “like” or “retweet” GoW could ever receive.

If we’re making too much gold, then nerf it for all, not just for some.

Now I get to try and convince 29 others how it’s better to do Legendary Tasks every other week to get around this (I can’t say anything that isn’t inappropriate to describe it) PvP system. Please don’t ban any of them for possibly “Exploiting” a flawed system.


My gold is also nerfed massively! Even with Ring Of Wonder I’m sometimes not even getting 3.5k for a 3T battle. 31 points for 3T too majority of time. 205% gold bonus. Vip 6 & death knight armour. Won’t be buying RoW again unless they fix this. Why are long term, high level players being penalised for putting time into your game? @Kafka @Saltypatra


When I started playing GoW, I found myself fustrated right off for not being able to kick butt & make all goals. After a month & finally getting into a good guild that taught me to play correctly I was able to settle down & REALIZE that I have to PLAY & GET STRONGER. I did this & even started to support the game & my account financially with REAL money. I grew stronger & leveled up & it became more fun as I grew. Then one day all of a sudden the things I worked for were slowly being reduced in reward for my hard work in lew of making it sooo much easier for beginner gamers. You nerfed my cards, my points in PvP, my Gold in PvP even after I supported financially to the success of the game. Now You change the PVP Tier Levels where I’m having to battle for less that 43 points per battle 80% or more of the time. You are targeting us players who play & have reached higher levels to allow new players an advantage. Why is this? You are hurting those who do spend real money to support the game as if you want us to just quit.

For fairness sakes, F N Enough all ready.


The lightest blue is me, level 1460, the other is level 1010. The numbers speak for themselves. I can not fight for the top 100 today


Simply this = :angry:

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I should use my level 500 alt all next week just to show how I can get 30 second matches with it… Just like my main does. But my alt will score double the gold and double the points.
There’s zero logical balance in RpVp right now.

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Weird… Less than a week has gone by with the nerf and I’m jealous of the days that I could get 50 points a match.
I don’t feel 33% more powerful. Why am I making 33% less points?


As a white male in his early thirties. I appreciate you educating me into knowing what discrimination feels like.
All the adversity in my life was voluntary on my end. So it’s definitely an eye opening experienced to have my GoW account be half as equal as others in Ranked PvP.
My apologies to anyone who reads this as super serious. Much like some of the changes in 4.3, this also meant to be satirical in nature. 🤷


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Because you are an endgamer that has already put in the time, effort and money to get everything maxed out and be in a guild that completes all tasks. All the devs care about is giving advantages to newer players so they can get to where you are easily.

Endgamers have really been getting screwed

PvP points/gold the more you advance the less you get and now it’s getting worse.

Glory packs being bugged now they cost less but give 1 less troop. That’s good for the people that need they traitstones and keys but for me that has 10k+ glory keys and 100+ extra traitstones it now cost 4400 glory more to mythic the troop.

Dragon’s Eye first nerf was done to make it harder for endgamers to do level 500 delves.

Spoils of War nerf (This one I’m fine with) was done to stop endgamers with huge glory hoards getting mythics easily.

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