PSA - It's better to complete all tasks (LT) every other week thanks to 4.3

This is a long time issue, that was only made worse with the decision to increase team scores recently.
But as they say, a picture is worth 1k words. 🤷
Level 2000+ player:

Level 1400+ player:


Please spend some words explaining what you mean. Gold scores per battle go up when your guild tasks are left completely undone?

Also, you may get more gold per battle, but you get fewer keys/gems from guild tasks. I am sure someone could do the math to see how many legendary tasks you would need to complete to average the rewards (sans gems, of course, since those aren’t part of legendary tasks).

Gold and PvP score increase significantly by not finishing all the tasks one week.
We do 80 LT a week right now.
If I got my guild on board with waiting a week to finish tasks. We would still do 160 LT every 2 weeks.
The only difference is, for a week people would be able to make gold easier.
The less often people complete all the tasks. The higher the gold efficiency.
The difference in what guild stats give are super small in comparison to time spent doing matches to get gold/pvp scores. Honestly.


For an endgame player with all kingdoms at 7+ stars. For new players the guild tasks are a huge benefit. (And most guilds do not do 80 legendary tasks a week!)

The part that bugs me is “Some players have to fight an average of 20 matches to reach PvP rank 1, and other players have to fight an average of 46 matches. Also some players get more leaderboard points than others.”

That’s a stench. The more you play this game, the harder you have to work for the same rewards. This doesn’t come in the form of “more challenging matches” but “more matches”. The team composition for me hasn’t changed much since 1200, but I’m getting progressively fewer rewards per match played as I go on.

I’d rather play a game that makes me fight harder matches for more rewards as I level up, or at least doesn’t let someone behind me do less than half the effort for the same rewards.

Doing this on Monday is one of the game’s worst chores to me. I wish I only had to play 20 matches. Then I might actually do a Delve or something else on Monday rather than begrudgingly grind PvP for an hour then only come back for tributes.


Okay, so should I edit the title to apply only to end gamers?
90% of the advice on the forums is for end gamers.

That’s the thing though. This :poop: only applies to PvP. In all the other game modes we get the exact same rewards regardless of level or guild level.
Do my overall stats only help me win in PvP? They don’t also apply to gem sink events?

I do think your advice is limited in scope, but it’s a worthwhile consideration for people who are in guilds that are as active as yours. I would really like to see someone crunch the numbers and see what the break-even point is for legendary tasks to reproduce guild task rewards.

I should also say that I agree with you and @Slypenslyde: the fact that gold rewards depend this way on guild task completion leads to perverse incentives, and a need to “game” the system rather than playing naturally.


@Grundulum I don’t mean to cut off your thought. (made more sense while you were still typing. Lol)
But I bet a guild could complete all but 1 task and still not have those stats work against them. So they would only miss the last task on brown? That’s glory keys right?
But by not finishing tasks… It would actually help them make a LT or 2 in the long run.

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Oh, snap. You’re right. I was confusing “don’t complete guild tasks” with “don’t contribute any gold at all”. :man_facepalming:

Edit: hey, the iOS hand-on-face emoji is left-handed, but the forums emoji is right-handed. Why the southpaw erasure, Discourse?


Yeah man I mean… I’d rather have all blue tasks times say 5 a week and get zero LT.
Basic guild tasks are the best Rewards for what you give.
I raised the exact issue on a separate thread, where I jokingly made a bug report about it a couple months ago. But 4.3 has made the issue even worse. Like noticably worse because I now get a screen that shows me in my face that I only get 10-15 PvP points per trophy. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to ignore the new results screen. But right now it’s like “hey why do you still play this game when the makers of the game don’t want you to?”. 🤷

I’ve kind of already started doing this, as part of helping our Guild to decide whether or not it’s worth saving up gold to do LTs in off-weeks, and which Tasks are the best value for money.

The part I’m not sure about atm is deciding which metric to use to compare various rewards.

Thus far, I’ve been using % chance of a Mythic, which can help give equivalence to Gems, Gem Keys, Glory, Glory Keys, etc. (not souls, though :stuck_out_tongue:).

However, different metrics give different results. E.g. Task 12/12 of the Red and Yellow(/Brown) tasks gives 20 Gem Keys and 80 Glory Keys, which in one sense equates 1 Gem Key to 4 Glory Keys, according to Gold spent.

I also need to track down all possible LT rewards and hopefully their weightings, but I’ve been assuming at least the former is here on the forums somewhere.

I’ve put my research on hold, atm, since my Guild seems pretty happy doing LTs every now and then, regardless :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’d suggest couching things in terms of “Mythic Purchasing Power”, since that is what endgame players care about. The 100 gems convert to 11 gem keys, and the 160 glory keys convert to 16 gem keys. This gives you 37 gems keys’ worth of MPP from the final tasks. Then you have the ten event keys. (The souls are ignorable.)

On the legendary task side, ignore troops and traitstones. Gem/glory/event keys are easy enough to break down. 1000 glory gets you 50 glory keys, or 5 gem keys of MPP. So 50 glory counts for 0.2 gem keys.

Compute the expected number of legendary tasks to reach 37 gem keys of MPP, and also the number of legendary tasks needed to reach 10 event keys (I suspect it’s easier to reach 10 event keys). The breakpoint is the higher of the two task counts.

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What is PSA stand for? Poorly-speculated advices?

Those extra stats from 6 completed basic tasks are a big help in Delve, especially in doing Faction team at high level. Without it, you’re like 20 Treasure Hoard levels short, and it’s not worth it at all to donate Treasure to make up for it.

If I want more gold, I will just play more. I see no point in trying to beat the system by crippling yourself like this.

What’s Speculatory about this? This is happening, this is current.
So your advice play more? Geez, had I only thought of that. I should update the OP and change it to. Hey, if you want more gold, just play more. Despite the devs making it harder to earn.
The few folks who actually care more about Factions, can easily take a week off from doing them if they choose. But I seriously doubt that 3 attack, 8 life, 8 armor, and 2 magic are the difference makers between a successful delve run and unsuccessful one. That in fact is 100% Speculatory.

PSA… for those that don’t know…(Which evidently you don’t) stands for Public Service Announcement. Not Please Save Anotherdev.

The update has only been out a few days and folks are already quitting ranked PvP over it. If that’s what they enjoy most about the game. How much longer before they quit the game because of crap like this?

I know life isn’t fair, but surely it’s not that hard to make a game that’s fair. GoW is losing more players than they are gaining. My apologies for pointing the stuff that makes people quit. Instead of telling the devs “keep on keeping on” :+1:

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You could also get your guild to finish the tasks on the last day of the week instead of the first day. That way your power score would remain lower throughout the week and you’d still not miss out on any rewards. Just saying, I totally agree that the team score based PvP reward system is borked.


Agreed, just as long as it’s not a Guild Wars week.

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It’s the stat bonus that drives the PvP deal. So regardless on when we finish tasks. It’ll be that way for a week at least. (I think ours are currently stacked).


Tbh i dont think doing or not doing task got anything to do with the misterious way pvp work now, in our guild we got some ppls that get tons of points and tons of golds every match while others that get crap points and gold.

Seen we’re all in same guild and we did all tasks and lt’s too shouldnt all of us get low points and golds then?

Lvls are kinda varied but almost everyone is over 1200.

Only god know why it work like that now, look like nothing you do can change the golds/points (like for example using a low points team).

We do this for a while now stop at task 11 and only complete the statues in a GW week and it works.
Level 1230 almost everything max:

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