This Fox Rocks

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New Epic Troop: Inari Inari will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Fox Hunt There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Spirit Fox, Inari, Fenrir, Forest…


Whoa… The fox is empowered, for the new heroic gem too, just like Spider Throne. What a surprise! :astonished:

It’s kinda exciting without any spoiler detail to relied on to be honest, but I still need that for planning though…

Especially for the story, Wulfgarok showing up on first campaign week with Fox Kingdom debut is pretty cool!

It might be handy to also say what medals we get.

Taran’s site usually have that info, but there are only 3 possiblity; Spell, Skull, or Both.

My guess for this one would be spell. Skull event are rare, and you usually only get Both near the end of campaign, or new kingdom with less option.

What’s more important is team restriction. If it’s spell, then there are a bunch of one-click-win troops you want to be available, or if it’s skull, then you just want any skull spammer and attack buffer to build around.

If it’s both, then you’re in luck, almost any team will work! It’s the matter of which team is fastest to win instead.

What colour are spirit gems or can they be any colour? What is the matching mechanic? Can they be exploded/destroyed?

I remember, that when the dungeon mechanics were hastily fixed, the argument was, that players should not be required to visit external websites to find crucial information.

And I remember, that I, as well as multiple other players, have been pointing out, that campaign scoring mechanisms should be visible within the game, since the event type was introduced years ago.


The devs, probably

But for real, can’t we get information beforehand about color and mechanics of heroic gems when they are to be released?



The loot table for troops in Maugrim Woods event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Hatir & Skroll, Wulfgarok
3.2% 1 Forest Guardian, Kerberos, Krampus
12% 1 Ancestor Brodir, Barbaerius, Fenrir, Freki the Wild, Inari, Meira Dawn, Scarlett, Sir Wulfric, Ulfr Huntsmaster, Wereraven
21.6% 1 Crimson Agent, Druid, Moonsinger, Spirit Fox, Spiritdancer, Tracker, Warg, Wargare Brute, Wayfinder
21.6% 2 Cockatrice, Dire Cub, Kitsune, Ranger, Totem Guardian
21.49% 3 Dire Wolf

Event chests don’t contain faction troops, guild wars troops, doom troops, tarot cards and special soulforge troops, even though the official Game Guides suggest otherwise. They have been configured incorrectly in the past. Infinity Plus Two doesn’t compensate for keys wasted due to their mistakes. If you plan to spend a large amount of keys, make sure what you are looking for has already been found by other players.


That would be extremely helpful for sure, but it’s been years, and it’s still not implement in the game yet, not sure if it ever will now.

I kinda adapt to it at this point, and even if there is no official post, I could figure out the plan quickly with trial and error, as World Event is just a combination of different elements.

First, the battle choice. It’s usually highest Rarity, lowest level with some exception. If Glory troop was featured, it might give higher score than the rest. It’s worth noting that the board and choice are actually the same to everyone too.

Second, the scoring formula. It’s either static, ranged, scaling, and rarely, ranged-scaling. Multiple types can show up in one event.

Third, the board. It will either constantly reset or it won’t. Reset will require you to always pick the best option, while non-reset will flood the board with worse option eventually, so not much choice after that.

And finally, appearance type. It can be standard, phasing, special boss, lone boss, or step-circle. It’s not that important, but phasing event is usually annoying and make scoring harder.

So, in conclusion, this event is just special ranged glory troop boss, with the rest static. Highest Rarity, lowest level, no board reset. The only thing new you have to remember is Kerberos score more than Forrest Guardian. But still, board won’t reset, so it will be flooded with Spirit Fox eventually anyway, so choice doesn’t matter much after that.

This is just weekly Event post, so not all information is available yet. Details about Spirit Gem and other campaign related content will be part of Campaign overview post, which will go live right on the weekly reset. It’s always this way.

here i was staying silent to let you get this post in 1st lol


Another Empowered Immune to Mana Drain Converter to deal with during Guild Wars week.

You might be excited for this, but this is absolutely terrible.


I don’t need it anymore then because it’s all in the game.

I asked for beforehand information.

The devs have all the information already or do you think they roll a dice 5 minutes before it all goes live? :joy:

All joking aside, why does this have to be such a secret before it goes live? It’s annoying.

My other game releases info at least a week before a new update, usually weeks before a new campaign starts, and we can’t even get it here a few hours prior?

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They likely do, but I just want to tell you how this kind of post always work, when you joke about it like it’s a new change, when it was this way forever.

And in my opinion, it might be better for them to not share any detailed official spoiler, considering how on edge the people here can be. If any miniscule details was changed from the spoiler, they will sure be another outrage. :sweat_smile:

I think they used to tease more future contents back then, but with the current state of community, I can see why they stopped…

This post was live 8 hours before the reset, so it’s technically a spoiler. Despite missing all info, it’s still very useful for event planning. Do you prefer they don’t post this too?

I’m curious about the new Heroic Gem too, and want to ask about it, but I’m also fine with waiting a bit more. Knowing before won’t help me much, as it was not available in the game to try yet.

I was so starving for spoiler I didn’t even realize that. Thanks for pointing out!

Although, I never use the drain-their-empowered strategy in Guild Wars yet, like using Spirit Fox, as I rather bring more of my own convertor to counter it.

It’s a valid strategy for sure, but I also don’t want to sacrifice one of my slot for a troop with one purpose. I like using Cockatrice on brown day though, not empowered, but can loop and stop their team from ever casting!


Seems like Spirit Gems are Blue.

They can be exploded. (and probably destroyed)

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I hear ya, but in fairness every time I run Spirit Fox there’s no way he casts just once on turn 1.

As for me, I’m on Switch so it will be much longer before this fox releases there. Something about the card art seems … I dunno, less polished than average? Kinda like with the old Kitsune card art.


I never said it was new. Can’t you joke about things that have been going on forever and have always been annoying to you?

You know the reset happens when they’re not in the office anymore, right? Who would make changes if they posted information at the end of their work day? The gnomes? :rofl:

I literally asked for more information, not less. :upside_down_face:

Time to pull my post about these special gems to front again.

There seems to be something broken with the event configuration. Events in Gems of War give the same sequence of battles to all players, as per community request from several years ago. Inari appears to skip this sequence, not showing up at all for some players, excessively rare for others.

Linking the bug report:


I’m not 100% sure, but from my experience this hasnt been the case for a long time anymore:

At least on Switch has been too many differences on scoreboards in a lot of events especially with linear scorings where a difference shouldnt exist, if your assumption is still working.
I can confirm this also for many of my guildmates which reported it to me too.
Devs must have “ninja fixed” it somewhen

Not sure about the other platforms

Was still true on PC as of the final world event of the previous campaign. I play on two accounts/phones at the same time, same battle order.

I would be really surprised if it wasn’t the same on Switch. I believe on the implementation side, each world event gets a “seed” number and then the algorithm picks the same “random” battle for everyone after each battle is cleared off the board, with maybe the exception of events where you have “only one battle of X can be on map and will stick around / disappear if not taken”. Occasionally we’ve seen differences, but I believe that was only in scenarios where the API updated mid event.

If it is different on the Switch, I wonder which is the intended outcome :thinking: I always assumed everyone getting the same battles was intentional to make things at least somewhat fair.